Friday, 10 April, 2009

#26 The Jungle Patrol

Work has cleared himself, now, let me say something..
yes, I supported PM, I liked his idea of putting all links together(with proper credit)under one roof and thus bringing all blogs together, much easier for the newcomers, All (except TCP and CW, who did not comment) blogger and contributors reacted differently, but after that kind of extreme protest from almost everybody, PM should have stopped, but he did not.. If you remember, I was the first person who suggested to ignore him, still, many thought that I was his supporter, I was part of his "gang", even many said that I knew him personally-))

anyway, forget everything and enjoy this comic.. Ajay has scanned and I have added some extra pages

As a part of blogger union, I have also given a password, please email me at

PS: sending a direct link to Peeyoush bhaiyya to save his time -))


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

Please do send me the password. Check your email.

Eagerly awaiting #16 also.


adibud34 said...

Yea, ICC! I've sent you an email also! This is a cool word - Blogger's Union! Maybe, us visitors/fans should start a fan's union also! :)

But just a thought - the PM guy can still get the password right? He can email all of you from some other ID and request the password, and then post it on his blog? But then I guess, he will have to at least stretch his surfing muscles a little!

Preeti said...

Please email me the password at Thanks.

Jai said...

Thanks for the comic. Have written to you for the pword.

Anonymous said...

I agree with adibud

how you are going to stop pm from getting it?

Krishna said...

pl send me the password

Indrajal Comics Club said...


already sent you the password

give me some time to scan as the condition is not so good

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks, actually i invented it to protest against the initial outburst of bloggers -))

no problem, we cant prevent him, was just curious to know how many people mail me?

atleast 100 mails i have got, and i have sent the password to almost 80 people, still many to send

Indrajal Comics Club said...


already mailed you -)

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks, already sent you the mail

Indrajal Comics Club said...


welcome, would you please leave your name, next time?

Indrajal Comics Club said...


where? -)

vishy said...

Hey thanks..have sent you an email for pwd

শুভাগত said...

Dear friend, I don't know ur email id. My id is Plz send me the pw for jungle patrol.

Unknown said...

please e-mail me the password.


PhilCorrigan said...

Can you please send me the password at Thanks.

Raj said...

Please e-mail me the password. Password itsfun is not working. Kindly mail the password at