Monday, 25 June, 2007

Phantom Sundays #012 The Little Princess


As you know, Indrajal community is growing bigger and bigger. Three new blogs have been introduced recently. Anupam , kit and this. Both are doing exceptionally well and this blog is also going nicely. Comic World and TCP have done remarkably well as the former has the unique style of posting Hindi and English comics together and the later is the pioneer of posting Indrajals on the net. Their efforts encourage me to give you the best I can. But one thing I'm finding difficult to manage is the track of comics posted at TCP. If any one does have the list of comics published at TCP only with original(indrajals) serial numbers, please please forward it to my e-mail ie
Meanwhile read this Sunday Strip No 12 "The Little Princess. Indrajal had published the same story with the same name as comic No 18.