Monday, 17 December, 2007

Should we Continue ???


After reading all the stuff at MTM, I'm Stunned!!!

Sagnik and Ravi suggest that there are pains when somebody is posting his scans... You are mistaken. Is it not painful to upload scanned comics to imageshack? is it not painful to upload the download link to mediafire/rapidshare? if it is not, please come forward and share at least 15 ---20 "already scanned" comics with us,, I will send you all the links.... I challenge you both!!!! I know, you will not come forward and post,, it requires at least some efforts1!!!

Dara, you always boast about your so called collection!! how many comics have you scanned and posted or posted " others" scan to your blog? you are directly lifting the images scanned by others, how many times u have given credits to those scanners, at least give other blogs links..
at least we give proper credits to the scanners.!!!

Ravi; you have only commented twice and and on both occasion you have started a controversy.. I agree we have posted most of the comics scanned by others, but REMEMBER, because of bloggers like us, you have downloaded all these comics!!!!

I don't understand,you always(all the time)( except chandan.. I don't have any complaints against him, truth is I don't want to start another issue ;-))) demand/request specific comics from us.. you consider its your right.. and if we just express our feelings, you think we are not worth of it!!!! because we are posting somebody else's work, or we are too new to demand/ even think about it... so, if the guy like CW has been consitantly posting original scans, why don't you appreciate him to his merits? he also gets same number of comments/ some time even less!!! as we get....
The fact is you want every thing free!!!! let alone paying for this, you are not ready to comment/ appreciate them, who are doing for you...

I have almost all indrajals, either in physical form or scanned form, I have around 520 copies of scanned versions, and 600+ copies in physical form,only 200-215 must have published on various blogs till date.. There are many more to go... So, its the time for you to decide, whether we should post only "original" scans or the the comics already scanned by Ajay, Prashant, Desiguru and others..

So, should we continue posting "others scans" or should stick to our originals?