Friday, 18 January, 2008

Zorro-Eagles Brood

Chandan's birthday special issue was a great hit.. if you want to celebrate your birthday at ICC like this, please give your birth dates ( and birth year also for that matter),, CW's anniversary is coming up in the month of Feb. ICC also wishes to celebrate the occasion on a grand scale,, your ideas are welcome.. Cw, your birth date is also required.. TPH, if your birthday is in November, why didn't you tell us? Mine is on 16th of May, everybody, please remember it,, u can send me nice gifts, comics, now a days, I am accepting even cold cash ;- if you forgot, ask my anytime, i will tell you thousand times like Chandan ;-

Did somebody find out Chandan's real age?

You must have been told by Sameer and CW, Sameer and I are planning to print all Phantom Dailies from 1-181( last strip of Barry, or max 195 - last strip of Falk) and then Sundays from 1-150, Sameer is a printing Engineer, so, will print those strips under his supervision, so, now we need your support,, more you come forward, less will be the cost of printing... minor details can be discussed later on, once the final quantity is fixed.. Its a life time opportunity to collect all strips right from 1936.. please think about it seriously..

you can reach us at or

Now, this is an experiment.. wanted to give something new, once, i had sent a Zorro to TCP, that was with Indrajal cover but a ditto GK No.1..(now I'm convinced that TOI is a shameless group )

This one is No 2.. if you like it ask it...