Friday, 18 January, 2008

Zorro-Eagles Brood

Chandan's birthday special issue was a great hit.. if you want to celebrate your birthday at ICC like this, please give your birth dates ( and birth year also for that matter),, CW's anniversary is coming up in the month of Feb. ICC also wishes to celebrate the occasion on a grand scale,, your ideas are welcome.. Cw, your birth date is also required.. TPH, if your birthday is in November, why didn't you tell us? Mine is on 16th of May, everybody, please remember it,, u can send me nice gifts, comics, now a days, I am accepting even cold cash ;- if you forgot, ask my anytime, i will tell you thousand times like Chandan ;-

Did somebody find out Chandan's real age?

You must have been told by Sameer and CW, Sameer and I are planning to print all Phantom Dailies from 1-181( last strip of Barry, or max 195 - last strip of Falk) and then Sundays from 1-150, Sameer is a printing Engineer, so, will print those strips under his supervision, so, now we need your support,, more you come forward, less will be the cost of printing... minor details can be discussed later on, once the final quantity is fixed.. Its a life time opportunity to collect all strips right from 1936.. please think about it seriously..

you can reach us at or

Now, this is an experiment.. wanted to give something new, once, i had sent a Zorro to TCP, that was with Indrajal cover but a ditto GK No.1..(now I'm convinced that TOI is a shameless group )

This one is No 2.. if you like it ask it...


Comic World said...

ICC if you have not put up this post today then the words you wrote here would surely have been written by me in my next post.
I also appreciate the idea of celebrating our visitors cum friend b'day on our blogs,by this gesture the whole Indrajal community could be bonded together in a more cohesive way.I also request all our regulars as well as other visitors too to leave their important dates,which they wish to be celebrated with us,here or on CW so that we also can share some of the happy moments of your life with you.
Talking about the comic the scans are of high quality and the story has all the punches of the Zorro tale.Really a welcome change.
Last but not least i am first here...also i am claiming any position for the 1st time on the blogs :o)

Comic World said...

oops....sorry in the flow of the thoughts i forgot to mention my date of is 20th March....Year you know already.

Grouchy's Comics said...

I think this is a tremendrous gesture by both ICC and CW.

As for the printing of Phantom Dailies and Sundays, count me in. I have also written to Sameer.

I like Zorro a lot. I used to read them along with the Walt Disney comics.
Thanks so much.

DARA said...

I alredy had told ya...what's mine desire!!

Btwn,if MORE pages = LESS cost...then plz wait few more may b more pple will b inteersted with time n it'll b helpful 4 ALL of us!!

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

Great offer, well put up! I will tentatively workout the cot for the pages and put up a costing sheet on my blog and circulate within the community, too! and pl. yaar, dont call toi shameless, my 25+ students are working there, and it may also be the only source to get our misibg IJCs!!!

bahadur said...

Well,well,well……what a day we all have witnessed….
My dear blogs and all viewers,these comments of mine are totally dedicated to TEAM INDIA.
Although I cud not view the entire match the scores were always there for us to hear from someone or the other.
First of all,I request Chis Rogers to comment here………
For some who don’t know him,let me introduce ….
He is the current Australian opening batsman who had the cheek to say that India wont survive for the 5th day…ha,these people and their big talks….well all can see who didn’t survive and who did..What he meant to say was that on PERTH wicket,Australia will vanquish India in less than 5 days.Just goes to show who are the CHOKERS .

To make Aussies dance on their own floor,to give them what they usually mete out to others,to take a innings lead(first innings),to make them struggle for runs…..well,I can speak volumes about this particular outcome pertaining to INDIAN win.
Itas a great effort,everyone showing great character,body language promising on all 4 days,and specially after that heart breaking 2nd test..its tremendous,I mean I cant express it in words,as ALWAYS,these comments are coming straight from the heart…. spontaneously.

This is the thing iam looking out for…consistency,incomplacency,no dropping shoulders,great character,never say die attitude,strong body language…all were there except on a few occasions.
What’s keeping us?Its just the mindset….I believe Australia and India are equally talented,it’s a matter of time to see who uses that talent,that’s the difference.

REMEMBER,YOU ARE NOT REWARDED FOR HAVING BRAIN BUT FOR USING IT.What I need to see in this Indian team is a quality fast bowler clocking at 145 to 150 km/hr consistently,presently we are struggling to get a good pace bowler.
We got quite a handful of young fast swing bowlers but if you want to beat teams overseas like UK,AUS,NZ,WI,SA then you ought to have a decent fast bowling option and an equally stronger benchstrength.This enables selectors to draft in players who u know will make a strong impact on the game even if some regulars are missing.

So join me all,lets salute this Indian team for its sparkling victory beating Aussies in their own backyard.Lets savour this moment because its very rare where we come across a team which has the potencial to turn the tables on the mighty Aussies who by far had looked totally invincible until some years back,a small spark (INDIA)unleashed a barrage of breathtaking displays of a hostile warrior class to turn it on the Aussies and also snap their 16TEST- match winning streak and coincidentally have done it once again,
this time In a forein territory.

Great effort,really,reminds me of all the bloggers here.They leave no stone unturned to provide us with mind blowing stuff day in and day out.
ICC and all others,thank you very much….
And of course ICC,thanks for the birthday treat(Double Trap),it was one of the sweetest things i ever had.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


yes u r indeed a first, but this game has lost its charm after tcp disappeared.. i still remember, how we used to play ths game

yes, i would ( you too) like to celebrate each and everyone;s b'day, lets some how many people come forward,,,
i will celebrate ur anni/bi'day for sure

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for ur comments, already sent u a lucky luke

btw, u didnt give ur b'date

Indrajal Comics Club said...


yes, but lets see what we can do..

Indrajal Comics Club said...



so what, a thief is always a thief,,but anyway, considering all the facts, TOI is "saint" for us ;-

Indrajal Comics Club said...

chandan bahadur singh

thanks for everything..

The Phantom Head said...

nice comic (anticipated. waiting for d/l link). another childhood favourite character. grouchy must be talking of the same comics that you are having in collection.

I celebrated my last B'day in a Nursing Home. My wife was there from 22nd to 30th after cesarean. Will tell you other important dates if you don't inted to celebrate it chandan style. ;-)

sushant said...

Hello team!! Congrats fr this great initiative!! already sent a mail to both u n sameer!! Count me too fr this!

adibud34 said...

Is that printing plan of yours a plan to print all the IJC's or just the daily newspaper strips? If it's the IJC's then I would be very interested! :) Thanks for the Zorro ICC, although I always felt that Zorro was mean to that Sergeant Garcia - although one comic I think he helped Garcia catch some bandits!

bahadur said...

hey,Aditya,you said my words...but i think the cost wud be too high.
I guess we have to be content with scans and a few comics,unless thousands apply for the same and for all 800 copies.
But let me tell u,atleast here in Goa,you will get not more than 10 from the state who wud want those.
Its such a pity.
Any goan reading these comments,pls come forward and prove me wrong.I will appreciate that and be happy too,please.

DARA said...

Chandan wrote:

But let me tell u,atleast here in Goa,you will get not more than 10 from the state who wud want those.
Its such a pity.

I donno others,but know ONE Goan who certainly have MANY Ijc n saying publicly ahving nothing!!!Any guess?? ;-)

P.S.- Goa or rest-India,there r many ijc-fans who don have 'any/very few' ijc hard-copy!!so, may b PRINT-OUT of ol' gems like blow #200 ones r always a good option & cost will b lower if huge demands r there!!:-)

I hope,one day,Indrajal Comics will agin initiate with SAME banner/adte-headr style,with NEW /unpublished P/M and many reprints of older ones...with Baahdur/Vlash/daar of cos!! :-))

Just a wild dream,but can't help...One day,it'll sure,it's my belief....though when,I donno !

Krishna said...

thanks for such a great scan. Since non indrajals are also being read can I upload pdf files of spider man archives of 15 yrs? Let me know

Ruchi said...

Nice comic. Somehow the end of the story was a bit anti-climactic.


- Ruchi.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

tph: download link has been provided,,,
but whts the date? u didnt tell..
whats wrong in "chandan style" ? didnt u like it?

Indrajal Comics Club said...


all (most of them ) indrajals are from daily/sundays only...

i think u dont like bw strips,,i remember

but the color cost will be too hgh

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks , sure u r in!!

well talk to u once all is finalised

The Phantom Head said...

Thanks. Nice scans. Yet to go through the entire tale.

24th november.

I enjoyed it very much but I am bit concerned over pulling of my own legs like you did to chandan. anyway that was good clean humour.

Anonymous said...

why no one is posting ACK or tinkle out here ????
plzzzzzzz can someone post these comics too......