Wednesday, 31 October, 2007

Flash Gordon Daily Strips #D2-D001 The Space Prison

UPDATE : The download link has been added. Please download it and tell me that is it really painful to read classic B/W strips?

I know, Flash Gordon is not as popular as Phantom or mandrake,still I love him,he is the part of indrajal community, so, every character, indrajal has published is lovable to me. After posting Phantom,mandrake and bahadur,I'm trying something new, posting a Flash Gordon Classic BW by Dan Barry, brother of Sy Barry. The name of the strip is The space prison.
I'm planning to post these strips frequently (once a week). Please give me your frank feedback, whether I should post these or I should stick to Indrajals only.Meanwhile, enjoy this rare vintage.
courtesy: Allen and Ivan.

Download Strip