Thursday, 31 January, 2008

Star Trek 01- Planet of No Return

Harbhjan controversy is over at last... he admitted that he said "only" "teri maaN ki..." and not "monkey"... hahahahha.. What a joke!! only teri maa ki..? Which is one of the worst abuses ( I know some "better" galis than this ;0, mail me if you want) and these imported(firangi) people(ICC and the judge) agreed!!!! They didn't find anything wrong in that, so only deducted 50% of his match fees!!! Prabhu ki leela ....

Jaan bachi aur laakhon (literally) paayen
Ghar ke buddhu (Dravid, Dada, Kumble, Laxman) ghar ko aayen !!

by the way, Dada has returned home, did not answer any questions.. only said " I do not have anything to say".. poor guy... so, Sagnik and co, kitni bus, tram jalyai kolkata mein ? ;-

Anyone interested in Star Trek? I have all Goldkeys' .. if u like it, will post more.

Monday, 28 January, 2008

#67 The Sea God

Once again I would like to thank CC for his wonderful banner. I gave him lot of trouble while selecting the final product.. but he never complained!!! great man ;-

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This comic has been already published in Gujarathi by Kit. I thought the English version will have a global appeal. it was later reprinted in indrajal as V22N14 The Sacred Black Pearls (courtesy TPH). Thanks to Ajay/Vineeth.
Sameer, You have the physical copy. Please send the ads to ICC for our Col Worobu ;-