Thursday, 20 December, 2007

#Vol22-33 Queen Sheba's Necklace Part 1

I am unable to upload Comic#135 to mediafire, I have tried at least 15 times, wasted 100mbs but no luck, I don't know what the problem is. Every time when I try to download the file, it says, "no server.. something". I have changed the name of the file also, but it takes the same name!!! bizarre !!
We have a new contributor, TPH. He has contributed all the three Hindi parts of this comic. So, I will be posting those alongwith English Versions. Thank you TPH..
I Don't have the Hindi cover scan of the first part. Anybody? perhaps, CW can help us,,,

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I have scanned this comic just now, and I am posting it right now, hope you will like my "Good real efforts" ;'--)0

Swami ji pranam, Kripa Rakhna,,, Sab ko maaf karna,

pk, forget everything and read the first part of this action packed thrilling story. Flash story is also added. So, presenting never before published...

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Raani Sheeba Ka Haar I (Hindi version by TPH)

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