Sunday, 10 June, 2007

#39 Wamba Falls Inn

Dear friends,
This blog has hit 500 page views today. Taking this opportunity, I wish to deliver my 'thanksgiving' speech. ;-))
I would like to thank CW and TCP for posting a link to this blog on their blogs. I would also like to thank Ajay Misra, Ivan Pederson, Balaji, Desiguru, Peder Bjorkmann, Daily Ink, Dc++ hubs and Torrents for enriching my collection. I am grateful to TCP again for starting a comic blog for all of us and bringing back our childhood memories. If TCP hadn't existed I wouldn't have returned to Indrajal Comics. Many thanks also to the 'raddiwalas' who let me rummage through their wares in quest of the comics. Last, but certainly not the least, I would like to thank all of you who have supported me. Keep coming back to this and to the other comics blogs.
Now enough speech for the day and a time to post a new comic
This is a request by Kit Walker who has posted a Gujju phantom on his blog.

This story was repeated in "The Game of Treachery"

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