Tuesday, 18 December, 2007

#404 The Vengeful Outlaws

Update: First of all, Sorry to Prashant. This comic has been scanned by him and Ajay Pointed it out to me. Thanks Ajay..So,credit given to the original scanner.
I have made few changes to the blog.. I have changed the name "other Comics blogs" to "Nears N Dears".. as I feel that is the appropriate name.
I have also added a section called VIPS. These are the esteemed visitors of the blog. this does not mean others are not !!! These are/were the regulars who always give their feed back, appreciation, fight, abuse, in short, active members. Some have been disappeared for a while, such as, Rahul, Ranjit, Vijay, Josh, Col Worobu. I hope all are fine and doing well.
I may have missed some names. Please forgive me for that and come forward and remind me.

Did you notice the list???? TPH and Sagnik are together!!!!! hahahah,, after so much of fight, they are still together!!!!

I Hope, you all like this idea..

No talking this time, only a comic.. Thanks to Prashant Gupta

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