Thursday, 17 January, 2008

#306 Double Trap - Chandan's Birthday Special Issue

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Friends, we have a special day today. Our friend, philosopher, preacher, swami ; Chandan has entered into 44th year of his life.Exactly 43 years ago, his full body(btw, this PJ is not mine, its his only '- ) was born in Margaon, Goa. Years passed, after wandering at many places, he finally visited ICC and settled, and of course, started giving speeches and we could do nothing.We were helpless. It was his wish to celebrate his birthday on a grand scale. He started sending me reminders every day !!! (hahahhahahaahha, Chandan is going to kill me...this is perhaps my last post ;(..... )then i surrendered and decided to post this...

Anyway, on a serious note, the biggest event in 2007 was the arrival of Mr. Chandan.. He came, he saw (he demanded !!!hahaha) and he conquered all of us,,, so, as a token of love, I have scanned this comic specially for him. Again, ICC and his viewers wish him

He would be happy if you all wish him through the comments ;-

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