Tuesday, 30 October, 2007

#090 The Mouse Trap

UPDATE: All links in the "published comics" section have been updated and a new Sunday Strip has been posted at our Phantom blog.

First, two good news

1 Bala's blog has been restored.

2 CW is back.

Wanted to post the Flash strip I mentioned earlier, but the resolution of all strips is very high, so, working on it at the moment. Watch out my next post.
Anyone interested in Rip Kirby's daily strips? these strips have been downloaded from Daily Ink, as I'm a member of it.

ICC's 50th comic is coming up in few days !!! any suggestion for that occasion? should it be 50th comic posted or 50th post on the blog?

Meanwhile, enjoy this rare Mandrake Indrajal, scanned by Ajay.

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