Tuesday, 1 January, 2008

Mandrake Sunday- S68 The Castaway

Six months have been passed since June 2006, almost 46000 hits till date and 21358 downloads at the time of writing this..
Total number of files: 64

Total size of all files: 590.11 MB

Total downloads: 21,358

Total bandwidth: 181.83 GB

Phantom's belt has got the maximum nos of downloads.. ie 1473 !!!

2nd position has been taken by my first comic "the secrets of the phantom" ie 1068,

while, Indrajals list is on 3rd position ie 914 downloads!!!!

I never thought of such statistics.. This is all because of you!!! I request/wish/demand you to keep your love and affection on ICC in the coming years as you have shown in the past.
I wish to thank you all for visiting To ICC and giving me a reason to keep working to make it increasingly better.
I wish you all a Happy 2008! May our blogs keep getting better and bigger! May we also make more new friends. Wish you all and your families a very Happy and Prosperous 2008!
I love you all...
Again scanned by myself, taken from an Egmont #13.. Story is Sunday 68- The Castaway
Expecting your feedback

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