Tuesday, 1 January, 2008

Mandrake Sunday- S68 The Castaway

Six months have been passed since June 2006, almost 46000 hits till date and 21358 downloads at the time of writing this..
Total number of files: 64

Total size of all files: 590.11 MB

Total downloads: 21,358

Total bandwidth: 181.83 GB

Phantom's belt has got the maximum nos of downloads.. ie 1473 !!!

2nd position has been taken by my first comic "the secrets of the phantom" ie 1068,

while, Indrajals list is on 3rd position ie 914 downloads!!!!

I never thought of such statistics.. This is all because of you!!! I request/wish/demand you to keep your love and affection on ICC in the coming years as you have shown in the past.
I wish to thank you all for visiting To ICC and giving me a reason to keep working to make it increasingly better.
I wish you all a Happy 2008! May our blogs keep getting better and bigger! May we also make more new friends. Wish you all and your families a very Happy and Prosperous 2008!
I love you all...
Again scanned by myself, taken from an Egmont #13.. Story is Sunday 68- The Castaway
Expecting your feedback

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DARA said...

I've also put a special strip in my blog 2 celebrate this SPECIAL occasion!!!!

Lets welcome 2008!! :-))))))

Btwn,am 1sttttttttt ;-

bahadur said...

Great post,dear ICC.
Love what you offer.
Amazing frequency.
I think you are the first to post a comic this year.

obelix said...

fantastic start of a year, ICC.
Please complete the Queen Sheba's Neckless soon ... waiting for it eagerly.

deratt1 said...

ICC, you are, indeed, a legend! We never know what you will find for us, but we know it will be great. Because of the time difference, my New Year is tonight. I will raise a glass to you and the rest of the fans and contributors and wish you all a sincere "Happy New Year".

Indrajal Fanclub said...

ICC, u have been a santa clause to us all ! he comes once in a year, u have been giving us the gifts throughout the year!

Thanks again!

Grouchy's Comics said...

Happy new year! Great stats! Great comic! Great post! oh! oh! oh! the santa claus analogy is good! More gifts please!

Colonel Worobu said...

Happy New Year everyone!

WildMagic said...

Another feather in ICC's cap. Is it just me or is there a watermark saying "Indrajal comics club" at the bottom right of the first page ;-) Nicey, nice! ICC was here and we love him!


Stephen Joseph D'Cruz said...

Happy new year friend!

I observe that you have started posting more newer comics of my favourite character Phantom, just to let you know that I have been downloading them and reading them and I really appreciate what you and all the contributors are doing.

Thank you very much and have a prosperous new year.

nithish said...

wish you all a very happy and prosperous new year.

Ajay said...

Very nice scans .
Pl scan & post " watcher " published in Egmont stories published in india, Mandrake story . Apart from it, all stories published in Egmont series related to Mandrake were very good . If you have , pl scan & post them , very rare comics .All can come forward to scan & contribute if they have scanner & physical comics.

Ajay said...

Are we going to get downlink soon?

bahadur said...

Ajay,i like your keen interest in all this.Keep it up,its always a pleasure to hear from you.Do comment regularly on all blogs.
Where are you?
Nice scans,good story to usher in new year.But you are absconding.
Make a return fast.

The Phantom Head said...

Was waiting for download link to appear. Downloaded and saved individual pages today. I thinkd page "s6806ap6.jpg" has some problem. Can anyone plz verify?

Ghost Buster said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DARA said...


Don provoke me to reveal you!!! get it?????

U use abuses in your 'that'comment in MY Blog,,,remember???

NEXT time don dare to....

Now,those Henry were sent me by ANUPAM(blog owener) much b4 Bala(MTM) started his Henry blog & as BOTH Anu & Bala abandoned that posting (after 3/4 comics...which also frm that KB,I guess),I thought to publish in my blog!!

Get it???

P.S.- KB have reatn with Anupam & NOT with me..thus ALL of my non-ijc collectns r SOLELY Anu's contributn n NOT KB!!

DARA said...

BTWN, for these petty Henry comics,one nedd not steel the credit,,,if so,I cud have posted minimum 100 ijcs/strips 'cos those I have as scan!!!

But,I didn't!!
I've only post a few selected & that too strips only,,,,so,before saying such lie,just think twice...

DARA said...

Btwn Ghost Buster,

Will we reveal your TRUE identity?????

I guess,you are one of those KNOWN CHEAP idiot,who previously did some problem frm some diff account n now frm it!!!

If you've COURAGE ,,,,reveal your true identity,,,,OR JUST SHUT-UP u si-si!!

Indrajal Comics Club said...


welcome to icc, thanks for ur love and affection and happy 2008

download link has been provided. sorry for the trouble

Ruchi said...

Thanks for this. Rather an odd story. Strange ending, don't you think.

- Ruchi.

Frank said...

great work!
do u have the full comic , if yes plz. post the phantom story of it too [THE WITCHDOCTOR'S SECRET]

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for visiting ,, yes i have the full comic,, will scan and send it to u