Saturday, 27 October, 2007

#395 The Dragons/Kali ghati Ke Lutere

After a long long time a Bahadur comic is being posted at ICC. The last comic had been posted on 7th of August. This time I have decided to wear CW's pant and post a English as well as a Hindi. and to tell you very frankly, this pant is extremely difficult to wear. To post Hindi and English comic at a same time is not a joke. I wonder, how he has been doing it for last 8 months.. Pants off to you... oops, I mean, hats off to you...

So this comic is dedicated to CW and his remarkable work. Please come back soon,, we miss you a lot.. I hope, you all are agree with me. Aren't you?

Hindi Scans are by Desiguru and English scans are by Ajay.

Chandan: I'm, really sorry!! I missed your name when I commented at TPH, please forgive me.

Btw, is anyone interested in classic B/W Flash Gordon Daily Strips? other than Sagnik and Col Worubu?

Kali Ghati Ke Lutere

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