Friday, 12 October, 2007

#084 The Money-Mad Maniac


1 #370- Mystery of The Headless Ghost: Download Link Provided
2 #S003- Fire Godess: Download Link Provided
3 All download links updated in "Download Comics" section
4 Link for the "the phantom head" blog added
5 Vinith Abrahim's name has been added in the contributors' list ( he is the only resource for these wonderful early comics... Misraji has scanned his collection)

As far as I Konw, all links are working. if you find any broken link, please let me know.

When I disappeared 2 months ago, there were @12000 visits, when I posted the last comic, there were @23000,,, So I would like to thank those 11000 visitors, who waited, waited and waited for ICC ... I owe you a lot !!!!

This is a comic requested by Chandan, based on D88 the reef. Misraji has scanned this earlier, so, no ads... one page was missing, so, I added from original strip.

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