Monday, 29 October, 2007

#291 Tremors Of fear

UPDATE: Bala's blog has been restored. Thank God!!

Lots of things are happening at TPH... First, lack of support from readers (apart from a few regulars) despite very good efforts in last two months. Then, obviously the frustration, resulting from the password protection of a new comic and a strong reaction by a so-called "regular" visitor, apparently his "first 30 lines comment" on the blog, counter-reaction by Sagnik, TPH and myself, Chandan's efforts to sort out the things....
On behalf of all bloggers, I just want to say, let's stop all this . We are here to serve you, to share our priceless collection for the people who do not have access to it. We are extremely happy that we are doing it for you. So, if you give us a little more support, feedback, appreciation, criticism, we will be more happy.
Please do not misunderstand us.

This comic had been contributed to the Comics Club(formerly known as Mumbai Comics Club) by Shrinivas. Balaji has given the link. Fantastic, action-packed story.

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