Sunday, 1 July, 2007

#Vol24No28 The Inner Curse

A Bahadur comic,contributed by guess who !!! was planned to be posted today, but as CW has posted a Bahadur comic recently on his blog, I thought that would be an overdose of our Desi Lee. So instead of posting Bahadur, I decided to post a new character, ADITYA. He is also a Desi Hero like our Bahadur, and also has supernatural powers.
This comic has been contributed by a regular visitor to this blog, Mr. Ranjit. Scans have been captured with his Digicam, therefore, the slightly blurry images. Nevertheless, we have a new comic to read!! Thanks, once again, Ranjit for your efforts.

If you want to share your Indrajal Collection in the form of scans, you are welcome. Send your scans to Please do not send the comics already posted on the net, or the comics scanned by Ajay Misra.

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