Sunday, 4 November, 2007

50th Post :The Other Side Of The Phantom

The Other Side Of The Phantom

This side of the Phantom always fascinates me.. the hero, the nemesis of evil, but at the same time an ordinary person, hesitates to propose Diana.. and a family man,likes to spend time with Diana, Rex and kids.but unfortunately doesn't get enough time for this, and fortunately for us,, otherwise all his adventures would have been existed.
So,taking an opportunity of the 50th post, I would like to present glimpses of that golden period in the life of phantom, especially with his family. First,Rex tries to convince Diana, phantom proposes to Diana, then,his grand wedding,birth of his kids,naming of Heloise,and last,building of his fabulous tree house, I have mixed up all these strips, some of them have been already published, but to read these in chronological order, and uncut and in original form is a divine experience.

This bouquet of flowers includes

Part I

1 D-111 Yes 12-7-70 to 2-13-71, Rex and Tomm try to convince Diana, No Indrajal Version
2 D-133 The Proposal 2-21-77 to 4-2-77, Phantom Finally proposes Diana, Indrajal #295 Crucial Moment
3 D-136 The Wedding of the Phantom 10-31-77 to 2-4-78, Indrajal Version #317 Phantom Weds, based On a Sunday S108

Part II

4 D-140 The Heirs 12-18-78 to 5-19-79, Diana gives birth to 22nd phantom and a Girl, Indrajal #359/360 22nd Phantom
5 S-110 The Name 9-9-79 to 12-9-79, Naming of Phantom's daughter. Indrajal #381 the Daemons of Koqania
6 D-143 The Tree House 2-18-80 to 7-19-80, Phantom is alone and Diana is in US, and phantom's fabulous tree house has been built, Indrajal version #394 Call of the Jungle, 400/401 The Abode of The Ghost

Hope, you all like this idea, expecting your feedback.

Here is the first part.....