Saturday, 10 November, 2007

Concluding part of 50th post

My cousin brother passed away on 6th November, he was just 47. He was very close to our family. We are in deep shock and still do not believe that he is no more with us

I'm not in a mood to celebrate or post anything, but they say, the show must go on... so here is the concluding part of the 50th comic/post ...

NB: NO password protection this time.

Part II
4 D-140 The Hiers 12-18-78 to 5-19-79, Diana gives birth to 22nd phantom and a Girl, Indrajal #359/360 22nd Phantom
5 S-110 The Name 9-9-79 to 12-9-79, Naming of Phantom's daughter. Indrajal #381 the Deamons of Kogania
6 D-143 The Tree House 2-18-80 to 7-19-80, Phantom is alone and Diana is in US, and phantom's fabulous tree house has been built, Indrajal version #394 Call of the Jungle, 400/401 The Abode of The Ghost

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