Tuesday, 18 December, 2007

#404 The Vengeful Outlaws

Update: First of all, Sorry to Prashant. This comic has been scanned by him and Ajay Pointed it out to me. Thanks Ajay..So,credit given to the original scanner.
I have made few changes to the blog.. I have changed the name "other Comics blogs" to "Nears N Dears".. as I feel that is the appropriate name.
I have also added a section called VIPS. These are the esteemed visitors of the blog. this does not mean others are not !!! These are/were the regulars who always give their feed back, appreciation, fight, abuse, in short, active members. Some have been disappeared for a while, such as, Rahul, Ranjit, Vijay, Josh, Col Worobu. I hope all are fine and doing well.
I may have missed some names. Please forgive me for that and come forward and remind me.

Did you notice the list???? TPH and Sagnik are together!!!!! hahahah,, after so much of fight, they are still together!!!!

I Hope, you all like this idea..

No talking this time, only a comic.. Thanks to Prashant Gupta

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The Phantom Head said...


consider this as my silent protest against your astonishingly meek attitude towards this known outlaw.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

come on tph, don't start it again... forget him.. there are many things in life... read this comic ))

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the comic. As I said in CW its been a while since I read an english Bhadur. Interesting note at the bottom of the first page of the story that two issues were not published. Was it due to another strike at TOI?

Indrajal Comics Club said...


Welcome, looks like,, but they kept the same numbering,, otherwise, last time they skipped 2 numbers

may be sagnik can put some light on this.. if he is in mood

Indrajal Comics Club said...

sorry dara, had to remove those 2 posts,,, those were un edited versions of ur story.. so tought its not a right place to post

Anonymous said...

Some abnormal blog....result of a Mental creature...


ahahahhaha...some creature!!!

Chandan said...

ICC.....thanks for the wonderful post.Great story.
Once in a while if i go astray,please check me.Won't mind it at all.
Great effort.Keep it up.And please get back to your oriinal frequency and also help Bala to post a coloured strip on the Phantom blog as well.

AJAY,VINEETH...thanks for everything,Can't thank you enough.

Chandan said...

Sorry i meant "original frequency" and not "oriinal frequency "

Indrajal Comics Club said...


welcome dear, i wud love to get back to my original frequency but my work and time is not allowing me to do so, please bear with me,

obelix said...

great post. nice to be back with comics after a dirty bout recently. unfortunately this kind of verbal brawl in being quite frequent in appearance.

Good to see a flurry of 'Bahadur' in different comic blogs.

ICC, the download link for the last one(Mystery of The Golden Sand) is still broken. can you do something? 'mediafire' says 'no server available' or something like that.

Chandan said...

"i wud love to get back to my original frequency but my work and time is not allowing me to do so, please bear with me"

I always feel you all are cut out for this job of posting,its just that we are so used to you that we often think that this is your only priority.

Anyway,your job/work comes first and i gratefully acknowledge your committment.But try and get some time off for us also.Thanks.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

obelix: download link has been provided

chandan:thanks for considering

Indrajal Fanclub said...

Dear Chandoba, THANKS for making me a VIP...(glad u have so many VIPs to wear......haha...sorry, could not resist the joke, since phantom wears one striped outside!

Seriously, Feel really great! i am a real ardent ICC fan! go on....Thanks again!!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

all thses"vips" are my treasure....:--))

Chandan said...

All i can say is...
Thanks for the respect.
it feels great.
ICC,great job.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

U deserve it, chandan.. beacuse of u people, this blog is alive yet,

Chandan said...

Don't say like that.Its you people who work tirelessly,without any complaints that encourage many like me to comment.
As i said on MTM once,its this ratio...
Prove me wrong.With respect to effort and time.You will lose.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Great to be part of your VIP list!


Col. Worobu is a notable absentee these days.
Col. hope everythings fine.

Ravi Satpathy said...

It seems that Bahadur ki bahaar chhai hui hai aajkal sabhi blogs per.
Nice comic anyway ICC and a new welcome change by creating VIP column but i have a complain here,that Dara the nucleus,the spearhead,the Disturber,the sole cause behind all brawls on all the blogs up till now is able to find a seat amongst VIPs...strange and amazing!!!!
It feels like that the muscle power has also hijacked ICC same as muscle power and goons have hijacked our democracy.:o)

chandan said...

ICC knows best what he is doing.He musta seen something which provoked him to do likewise.Its his blog.He is matured enough to know what he is doing.

Ravi…..This is how we instigate and invite something that we should not.

Let’s be positive.Do we want 20th comment to ruin the all the hard work of these kind bloggers?

Ravi Satpathy said...

Chandan,he has been cajoled/advised many times whenever he had started a ugly fight but we all have seen it resulting in a no result.Somethings never change like the curve of a dog's tail.
The best solution in my view is to totally isolate him,he should be told clearly that is not at all welcomed at these sacred blogs to litter the dirt,let him prove his improvement after which he can be assimilated in the mainstream same as a prisoner is allowed after being punished for his evil deeds.

Astitva Sharma said...

As most readers regard ICC as Big Brother, why not play "BIG BROTHER" and ask people who they want to kick out of this VIP list? A democratic process. Have a pole.

Dara said...

Thnx Chandu! ;-)

But,where's TCP?? I think,though he alredy left these comic-duniya, shud be mentioned as Pioneer of this comic-craze !!


Dara said...

Ravi Sundari wrote:
.....same as a prisoner is allowed after being punished for his evil deeds.


You've SOME 'joker' as your fan!! hahah ...ohh...

Really funny!!;-))

Indrajal Comics Club said...

Dara: this list is of those people who have been regular visitors of ICC..and though i have highest regards for him, i cud not include him as he is not a regular visitor..

Chandan said...

ICC,I thought you were not at home.
Anyway have mailed you ,please reply.

Dara: this list is of those people who have been regular visitors of ICC..and though i have highest regards for him, i cud not include him as he is not a regular visitor..
ICC....very true.Hopefully this shud encourage people to come out with more.
One more request...pls post a coloured strip on Phantom blog.You got some really nice ones,i believe like you did S012,S003,S002 AND S004.Hope you will.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


i have always talked against him when ever he has done anything wrong..the reason behind this is the input he has given for the blog,the information he has shared with us....

if he makes any abusive comments in future, those will be deleted promptly.

he was/is/will be part of icc .. thats for sure...

its people like u who start the thing/ provoke him... please dont do that...

as i told u earlier, i would like to see u as a different person.. this blog is related to indrajals not sagnik, so share ur views on indrajals, not about sagnik

Dara said...

this blog is related to indrajals not sagnik, so share ur views on indrajals, not about sagnik

Chandu,Rightly said!!

Sagnik/ICC/CW/Ajay/Vineeth/Bala/Chandan n even TCP can be MORE IMPORTANT than "Indrajal Comics"!!!!!

Leave aside other anons/male/female etc!!


Indrajal Comics Club said...

astitva: may be in that case, sagnik will be a winner, he gathers the crowd..

and though u r not included in the list (there was no reason to include u), people might demand to kick u out from the blog, u never know, ;_
wanna take a chance??
so its a wrong idea, think something better,

Dara said...

may be in that case, sagnik will be a winner, he gathers the crowd..

I WILLb THE WINNER!! with 99% votes with me!! ;-))))
With 2nd wud b 'one' whom I wud vote...1%!!


..and though u(Astiva) r not included in the list (there was no reason to include u), people might demand to kick u out from the blog, u never know, ;_
wanna take a chance??

hhahahahahhaahhahahahah...hohohohohohohohoho hhihihiihiiihihi!!

Ohh...what happen today?? I never laughed so much,n I like that Idea of voting though..ahem..I know the certain winner!!

Dara said...

THEN, seriously n franly,....THIS NET-SPACE IS NOT someone's Personal PROPERTY!!!!....so,NO BODY CAN STOP ME frm access THOSE THINGS (NOT always comics,I assure!! ;-))) I wish...whether u want or not,as I can't do same!!

So,"vote or NO vote"...Sagnik will be here..as long as pos'ble,as long as HE want!! that's may b a SILENT VISITOR as well!!

....But yes,I love these regulars n for their sake I'll control my anger/rage thast casused all those bouts...!!....
well,I believe those wanna provoke me,will PROMPTLY GET Kicked by OUR beloved Blogger-bros!!;-)


Ravi Satpathy said...

Dear ICC i also wants very much that the focus of discussion should only be about comics but you are also very well aware that almost every times he is who initiates fight by taking comical debates to personal level.
Alright he is having a deep statical comic knowledge because of his deep interest in comics,alright he sometimes share those data with us but does it means that he can be allowed constantly to pollute the harmony and decorum of these blogs!!!!
Is he free to abuse innocent visitors in the name of their mothers/sisters so vehemently over the blogs....its strange that you are ready to only "delete" his future abusive comments which are most likely to repeat and no body has a doubt over it.
ICC your shielding for a evil brat like him is out of wits and questions your neutral behavior,i hope that most of the visitors will agree with me..if you can conduct a poll asking that whether Mr.Sagnik should be socially debarred from these blogs then there is not any sort of doubt about the result of it.
ICC when a part of body gets poisonous and begins to harm the whole body then the best solution is to amputate that part in the interest of the whole body.

Dara said...

when a part of body gets poisonous and begins... best solution is to amputate that part in the interest of the whole body.

Well,then am the PART of this Comic-BODY!!

Thnx for ur appreciatn!! ;-)

But,WHO R U,Ravi?? Ain't that "Poison itself"?? ;-)

Think twice...AND follow ICC's advise N POST ON Indrajals...though,I guess, U HAVE NOTHING to share abt IJC..instead of demand (based on ICC's prepared List of those gems..hahaha)!!


Work said...

My gaawwwwwwwwwwwd.. .. some post on the comic forum sucks.. wonder why can we not just discuss comics itz character and the significant role that it plays in our life rather than getting into a pisssssssing contest.. pls cool down.. enjoy whatz on offer.. if not there are many other forums where you can fight and have people actually cheer you on ..

the fun is to read the comics and enjoy the forum .. for that i am greatful to all of you .. thank you ..

by the way ICC was happy to see that WORK made an entry into VIPS..

you still owe me a couple of comics that i requested.. i have patience.. thank you

Ravi Satpathy said...

Sagnik all visitors know very well that who is behaving like a poisonous rat over these blogs.
Ok agreed that i have not much to share but the most important thing is that i am not a part of trouble makers which is most obviously none other than you and everybody knows it very well.A peaceful silence is always better than a fiery and corrupt noise.
You abuse peoples in the name of their innocent mothers/sisters,you send hate and abusive mails to other persons,you have zero tolerance and infinite temper and still you wishes for a tag of 'good boy',still you wishes to be admired by everybody due to your non-existent boastful 'comic collection' which is of no use for others.
Your constructive contribution towards these selfless blogs is a big ZERO and this you have to accept and live with it.
You may be a good comic collector,you may be a person having deep comical knowledge but its a fact also that you are not at all a good human being

Indrajal Comics Club said...


yes i agree that he takes the initiative most of the time, but some times others have also provoked him, take todays example.. what about u? didn't u try to provoke him? why?

i assure u, no abuses in the name of mother/sis/wife/father/bro/cousin/aunty/grand father/grand mother will be tolerated anymore.

anyway, there is always a solution to a problem, as Chandan rightly said, "who was Valmiki"?

anyway, i have included u in the list, u r now between sagnik and tph , hahahahhhh, thats why i typed ur name as "sathpathy ravi" not vice versa

Dara said...

you have zero tolerance and infinite temper and still you wishes for a tag of 'good boy',

Well,I've 2 agree abt that 0-T part n it's bad,true!!but then,guess,your is close to mine!! ;-))

And,I NEVER demand any "Good Guy" tag,rather TRIED 100 THINGS so that People will call me BAD BOY!!...but then,it's them,who sometimes call me otherwise...well,ask 'em the reason!! ;-))

your non-existent boastful 'comic collection'

Non-xcistent??? hahahahahhahahahahhaahahahha...
Either u r a bad-typo or a dumb!!

NO,I've 1000++ comics with 5 in my custody,though ICC/CW have MORE n Ajay/Vineeth have over 5,000!!

you are not at all a good human being

Sob sob..waaaaa..'Chandu' dada...this 'Gudy gudy Si-Si' called me Bad boy!! waaaaaaaaaaaa....

Indrajal Comics Club said...

sagnik and ravi

i request u to stop this,,,,,

Indrajal Comics Club said...

dara said

THEN, seriously n franly,....THIS NET-SPACE IS NOT someone's Personal PROPERTY!!!!....so,NO BODY CAN STOP ME frm access THOSE THINGS (NOT always comics,I assure!! ;-))) I wish...whether u want or not,as I can't do same!!


again u r making a mistake... u can be stopped easily, but we dont wish to stop u from coming here.. we want u as our primary source of information.. is it not enough for u?.. please refrain from such comments,,,

Indrajal Comics Club said...


i agree with the first part that ur t factor is big ZERO,, and ur temper is equally bad,,, u always think that u r right and others are fools... but in a public place where u share ur views, this is not a correct aproach..

think about it...

Dara said...

u always think that u r right and others are fools

Arre dada nahi!!! do ya feel same?? I just get bit serious when somebody bhave like he knows everything while he didn't!!! BUT,my anger spoiled what I intend to tell...it's true!!

BTWN,usi Ra-vi/Sha-vi ya Asti-va/Chusti-va ko dato na yaar??(I mean,MOREEE ;-)) why only meeee???

Indrajal Comics Club said...

because u r the main reason,, u ignore them and concentrate on comics

Chandan said...

Listen gentlemen:
Do you know why sports were introduced?
Not to win or lose but to bring nations and people together.
And what's happening today?
Racial abuse,hostility,
intimidation,sledging and all sort of things which have only degraded the very name of SPORTS.

And why did these wonderful blogs come into existence...for us,so that comic hungry people like me can afford to view something,believe me ,which was impossible(INdrajals)to read or view on EARTH,anywhere.And as Ajay rightly said,you can get every comic today barring these which i believe and have to call"EXTINCT".

And what do we do?Find this as the right place to abuse each other,find fault,try every means to prove oneself right and what not.Are we not degrading the blogs?

when will we grow up?Learn from these kind bloggers who go all out ,without slightest hesitation,to produce and post something different everytime they are requested.
Utilise your energy to praise them sky-high everytime they post something because believe me,scanned or original,its a massive effort.
I have tremendous repect for them which will continue infinitely.So much so that even if i keep quiet,my bodylanguage will speak for them.
There were times,i remember,when i shed bitter tears for not possessing Indrajals but GOD introduced me to the right people.Iam grateful to him.
I appeal,barring debate on comics,let's appreciate each other,each other's feelings and more so salute these wonderful people who have given us a wonderful reason to live.

Dara said...

because u r the main reason,,

again you???

duh...jo sochna hai soch yaar!! fact's ...aj ki saam,those cowards ki naam!!


Dara said...

salute ya Chandan saab!!!!!
NEVER thought u cud write these kind of thought-provoking post!!

but,i'd also sahed my tears in past...b4 i got some ijc frm old-market...

WWell,for u,am stoppinh here!!!!!!


Indrajal Comics Club said...

u r amazing man....goyencho bhurga

Indrajal Comics Club said...

chandan shud get a nob, prize for peace
.. go to kashmir border

--- kidding

Chandan said...

ICC....people like you inspire me.
And iam not joking.Whatever of mine that comes on blogs,requests or comments,are spontaneous and straight from the heart.
If the name you want to give is Emotional then right, i shud get a nob, prize for "Emotional Pisso"..
(Emotional fool in Konkani).

Astitva said...

Ravi, there is no point in arguing with these blind bloggers for whom regular appreciation is the only thing even if it comes from the dirtiest of mind on planet. Their blind support is the main reason for this little worm has now become a sort of dragon. In this way they are the main culprits.

I only wish if Mr. Ajay Mishra could start a blog of his own.

Comic World said...

Chandan i wonder why the people add suffix "fool" with 'emotional'...perhaps for the reason that a simple and straight person in a congregation of wicked/selfish/materialistic living beings is termed as "fool" as because he says only what he feels,as because he doesn't manipulate/moderate and modulate his original feelings with some show-off and fabricated feelings ,as because he doesn't believe in the jungle theory 'survival of the fittest' applicable for the civilized human race,as because he is not a 'concrete cannibal' of metroes.
So please don't annotate yourself with that falsified term again.
Many great species which couldn't adjust themselves with the changing environment were extincted,same is the case with peoples like you who are rare..its agreeable to get extincted rather than extracting oxygen from some really below level far degraded polluted atmosphere from which those so called "wise men" also pull.

adibud34 said...

Hey, wow! Thanks so much for this Bahadur. After being immersed in Exam tension for so many weeks, now I can finally relax with a Bahadur. Great start to the holidays! :)

Indrajal Comics Club said...

dear mr. astitva,
u r a nice person.. arent u?
how many comics u downloaded from icc,cw, mtm,aa,tcp and others? may be 100s, how many times did u appriciate these blind bloggers? never

now u r telling mr ajay misra to start a new blog!!! why? dont u have guts to start ur own?
its people like u who suck the blood form others silently,, parasites!!!!

i 'm not supporting him, but sagnik is far better than people like u,,,, atleast u know wht is coming ahead, not a backstabber like u,,,,

u r free to do any thing,,,, why dont u start ur own blog and share some indrajals with us... give me ur email and i will send u some scans to start with, please spend some time/ energy/ money to serve others and then u will know how difficult it is!!! atleast, it is difficult than talking about others..

still u have a problem with me and others, u r free to leave us,, and ofcourse, ur welcome to download comics in future..

Shyam said...

Sorry to divert this discussion, but I thought I will post here also since this is the current thread. I am unable to download "The mystery of the golden sands". Can someone please repost it? Thanks.

CHANDAN said...

You are right,Astitva.Never was any person so right.
They are all blind…….
Here is why.
1. They post so many,yet they can’t see that they don’t even get 0.00001%feedback or appreciation.
2. They post for our sake but they can’t see that we care two-hoots for their efforts
3. Sometimes they work day and night only to please us the next morning but they don’t see that we are more interested in solving our own disputes rather than appreciating their great efforts.
My dear,these blind bloggers are Enabling and have delivered US eyesight to see the wonderful world of INDRAJALS.They have sacrificed their many a need for us so that we may enjoy ourselves.
It takes a great deal of hard work,a real dogged effort , toil and then we can view these BLIND BLOGGER’ wonderful comics.
Don’t even dare to say such a stupid thing again.Till now I was respecting your feelings.
What do you want?Kick Sagnik out of this blog?
Tell me,if one of the family members doesn’t fit properly,say with respect to attitude,shud the others drive him out of the family?Or is IT their duty to resolve the whole issue?Tell me.Iam sure CW &ICC are trying to improve Sagnik and iam sure with course of time, He will be a totally changed person,only thanks to them.
BTW,who is perfect?You?

This is a family and ICC,CW,MTM are the HEADS.They know best what to do.
And the ample sticks (by way of words)that he has got from them prove it.
What else do we want?
ICC,CW…..I ,on behalf of him(Astitva) and others,beg your forgiveness.
For me you all are LEGENDS and will continue to be so.
You Blind Bloggers HAVE granted us the vision of INCREDIBLE COMICS.
And mind you,they are not just comics,for me they are life with all the other wonderful things to go with them.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for ur comments... there is no need for u to beg on behalf of these people, u r quite above them....

here, i request tph to come forward and say something, please

Indrajal Comics Club said...


open ur gmail or accept invitation

The Phantom Head said...

Dear Chandu: First of all a big thanks for including me to the priviledged list. Its a great honour. The idea is very good. Congratulations. Please continue your fabulous job.

Dearer Chandan: Great words man. Just the feelings of all of us expressed in your words.

Dearest Astitva: It's a shame that you came with such ugly thoughts on these selfless icons. I think your words tell more about your own nature than anything else. I am so saddened by reading them because they are enough to tarnish your image that I was carrying thus far. Frankly saying, I feel he deserves your apology for this.

The Phantom Head said...

and dear icc, thanks for the comic. Didn't get time today to read it. Just gave a cursory look to scans. Bela's presence (quite active actually) is sure to make it more lovable. The quality of scan is very good. Thanks to Prashant and you again.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks tph,

now i want u to forget everything

Chandan said...

Thanks tph....yes,please forget everything and let's all be friends now.