Thursday, 20 December, 2007

#Vol22-33 Queen Sheba's Necklace Part 1

I am unable to upload Comic#135 to mediafire, I have tried at least 15 times, wasted 100mbs but no luck, I don't know what the problem is. Every time when I try to download the file, it says, "no server.. something". I have changed the name of the file also, but it takes the same name!!! bizarre !!
We have a new contributor, TPH. He has contributed all the three Hindi parts of this comic. So, I will be posting those alongwith English Versions. Thank you TPH..
I Don't have the Hindi cover scan of the first part. Anybody? perhaps, CW can help us,,,

ICC Policy : I have decided to incorporate new rules to this blog. No abusive words will be tolerated here by anybody, anymore, may be that man is a VIP or a blog owner. Already we have suffered a lot.. so, no more.If this happens again, all abusive comments will be deleted promptly as well as his/her regular comments will also be deleted. He will be isolated...
Still if you want to abuse some body, I have opened a blog called "Maa Bahen". Link is . You are welcome there and do whatever you want. Don't do it here. PLEASE PLEASE KEEP THIS BLOG CLEANED.

I have scanned this comic just now, and I am posting it right now, hope you will like my "Good real efforts" ;'--)0

Swami ji pranam, Kripa Rakhna,,, Sab ko maaf karna,

pk, forget everything and read the first part of this action packed thrilling story. Flash story is also added. So, presenting never before published...

Download Comic

Raani Sheeba Ka Haar I (Hindi version by TPH)

Download Hindi Comic


Ajay said...

Very nice story. New rules are welcome. Hope will minimise fights for nothing.
Thanx a lot , Chandoba


Indrajal Comics Club said...

Thanks ajay,

i liked it u commented first, most deserving person who has scanned many many comics, complements from u are always special

u r right, new rules were needed

Chandan said...

What a comic.....hats off,ICC.
Great great effort.Its a spine chilling 3 part story as you all will see....
Mind blowing.
Ajay,please put in your thoughts often.Would love to see them.

Dara said...

#ICC:great story indeed!!
Also,thnx for that Flash...with Vetaal's 2nd adventure @that place(after 'The Missing Prince'),even much more thrilling than the early one,,Flash is NO LESS!!

I love BOTH of those!!

P.S.- I guess,if joking its gr8,but for seriously ...plse delet that blog!!

But,then our some "mirror-frnds" may need those...ohh NOT starting anything! ;-)

#Chandan: be steady!! u r very frickle minded,man!!...why 'once with Google account' n suddenly 'frm Anon'(that's too within a half-an-hr!! ;-)!!!

plse b steady n enjoy ONLY ONE'S company (though rules r meant to break only!! ;-)))))

Dara said...

Btwn,NOT No.32 but No.33!

The Phantom Head said...

You are awesome man. I am trying to write this comment for past 15 minutes but couldn't because of that hillarious blog. Most funny. I just marvel at your sense of humour. How do you get these unique ideas? Just one question, will abuses be made available there on demand also or will it run just upon visitors contributions?

The comic is excellent. I have its hindi scans. If someone is interested and if you wish to be in CW's pants again, can send you the link.

Prabhat said...

It’s really nice to see you all in a good sprit. I believe, “Nothing we brought together and nothing will take”. My request to all blog owners, please delete all material regarding last incidents from blogs. A lot of new comers and children will visit your’s blog in future. Nice post.

deratt1 said...

Thanks for the great new story-- and also the bonus Flash! I'm still fairly new to Indrajal comics and have a question. Were the artists ever allowed to sign their work? Does anyone know their names, so they can be given credit for their excellent drawings? I would appreciate any info. Cheers!

Deb said...

Great comic, ICC. Keep it up!

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks swamiji, app aise hi yahan pe padharen,, aap ki sewa mein sub kuch hazir kiya jayega...

Indrajal Comics Club said...


yes it 33 mot 32, will rectify

that blog is not a joke.. i'm serious,, go there and jo ji mein hai woh bol do

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for the compliments, i'm flattered... u request anything on "maa Bahen", u will get it,,, readers contributions are most welcome.. actually there is no need to beg for contributions,, those will come automatically... sagnik is joining,, u r required,, ;-
our "chanda swami" did not comment about maa bahen... he is above all these mamuli cheeze

send all three hindi versions asap... so i will post along with the english,,,

Indrajal Comics Club said...


first of all, welcome to icc and thanks for the feed back

these comics are not indrajal's original creations,, king features syndicate has the copyright of these characters such as phantom, mandrake, flash, buz, garth, drake, nomad
while, dara, bahadur , aditya were indrajals creations..
all mandrake/ phantom stories were written by lee falk

artists for phantom were...

moore : 1-16 (daily strips)and D26 and 1-21 (sunday strips, along with McCoy for some)

McCoy : 17-25,27-81 (daily) and 22-57 (sundays)

Lignate :Sundays 58 (with McCoy and infantino) and S59

Sy Barry : most popular and innovative, changed the whole look of phantom and others.. Daily 82-182 and S62-141

rest are worthless to mention... my opinion..


phil davis till 1965
fred fredericks

Flash (from wikipedia)

Sunday, Alex Raymond, 1934 - 1943
daily, Austin Briggs, 1940 - 1944
Sunday, Austin Briggs, 1944 - 1948
Sunday, Mac Raboy, 1948 - 1967
daily, Dan Barry, 1951 - 1990
daily, Harry Harrison, writer, 1958 - 1964
Sunday, Dan Barry, 1967 - 1990
Sunday and daily, Ralph Reese & Bruce Jones, Gray Morrow, 1990 - 1991
Sunday and daily, Thomas Warkentin, 1991 - 1992
Sunday, Richard Bruning, Kevin VanHook, Thomas Warkentin, 1992 - 1996
Sunday, Jim Keefe, 01/1996 - 03/2003

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for ur comments,,, all those things shud remain there only,, so, these guys remember their deeds and will not do it again in future

Indrajal Comics Club said...


Welcome friend

Grouchy's Comics said...

Dear ICC,

Thanks for the comic and for the new rules. Its very good to see everyone in good sprits. Lets us all continue in this vein and enjoy some good comics.

Glad to see Ajay commenting first. Is that a first?

Many thanks again for your efforts.

adibud34 said...

Hey ICC, this is so cool! Another comic from you - thanks so much for it! BTW - is that my name I see on the top of the VIP list? If it is, thanks so much for that; if it's not, then is there another Aditya out there? That'll be so cool! I very rarely meet other "Aditya's'" anywhere. It's like the rarest name ever!


Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks for the reply lets hope this continues for ever

Indrajal Comics Club said...


if u are aditya simha, then u are on the list, if not, give ur feedbacks, share ur views, u will be added

comicrazee said...

Another great story with great art from SyBarry. Waiting for the rest of the story... Keep it up.

comicrazee said...

btw,... the scans need little brightning up... hope u take care of that too.

CHANDAN said...

I really marvel at your knowledge,ICC.Just goes to show that you really go to the bottom of whatever you like.
Most of us are rather interested in only reading which sadly includes me even but now you have inspired me to get and learn a fair bit of inside stories too.
Its a great piece of info.
Thanks a lot.Even the publishers would be proud of that.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


other stories are yet to scan,,, kept the brightness as it is to get the feeling of original comic.. will do it better

Indrajal Comics Club said...


its all availabe at deepwoods,, not my knowledge...

Indrajal Comics Club said...

btw, chandan, did u receive my dvd?

CHANDAN said...

Hoping for the best tomorrow.
Thanks.Have mailed you.

adibud34 said...

Hey ICC, I am Aditya Simha. Cool, thank you so much for the VIP Honor! :) I really appreciate it!


Orpheus said...

solution to mediafire's bizarre problem:

when you upload the file on mediafire , delete it and then try to re-upload it, the beast somehow recognizes it to be the same. try to unzip, re-compress to another format (rar if it was zip and zip if it was rar) and give it another name. then try to upload. you wont have any problem.

Work said...

sir - guessing game is dangerous.. people who are innonceng run the risk of getting maligned even though temporarily.. i think you shoud just reveal the name..

thatz my opinion

WildMagic said...

Woo Hoo, ICC!! This is a super story..I can't waitto get my hands on the 2nd part. Keep rocking, and we love you.