Saturday, 22 December, 2007

#388 Nakli Chehre

I have taken a detour, I was supposed to post 2nd part of the comic, but please allow me to post this one as the title is suitable for the situation...
Thanks to Prashant Gupta for contributing and helping to run ICC's shop one more time ;-

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CHANDAN said...

i don't care who Ravi and Astitva are.....
iam here to enjoy and iam glad ICC is offering us lots to cheer about.
Hope sanity prevails.
Dara,what has happened has happened..stop it.Don't provoke.
We are not enjoying this.
It is this attitude which spoils everything,so please.
Be optimistic.
We are here to enjoy.So let's be careful with our words even.
ICC,nice comic,great effort.
Keep it up.

Dara said...

NO reqr to ruin that he or better she/it(='shit')may realise that that so-called smart act has been caught!!

Anyway,only thing I can't resisit to say,may b in behalf of ICC,if ANY comment frm Ravi/Astiva will be there...the ORIGINAL DUO will be revealed BY MYSELF!!..yes,I don like their PSEUDO-GOOD-GUY act,,,,I Know,ONE COMMENT can ruin,IT'LL B BETTER,if those REAL POISIONOUS VISITORS don't dare to LEAVE COMMENT @any blog incld. ,if any,THEIR blogs,FROM NOW ONWARDS!!!!

PLSE Dont provoke me...I can take advice on my temper-issue,BUT THAT NOT FROM some CRAPY PERSONS like YOU TWO!!!

P.S.- My advice:Be careful n play SAFE!!!If don wanna seen ur SO-CALLED 'CLEAN' images to be RUINNED!!!

The Phantom Head said...

Dear Chandu, you really look angry. Cool down man. Also you could have left that comment from so called "Ravi" intact. Though the thoughts were not of our liking but it contained no abusive language at least. It was his thoughts and let people see the ugliness of them.

Dara said...

Ohh,was too angry to notice the title "Nakli Chehre"!!!

Yes,it's more suitable!!...I guess,FROM NOW INWARDS,how much you gali-golach do us Astiva/Ravi ko(in ur NEW blog ,of'cos ;-)...THEY R DEAD!!


So,plse enable Anon,if that person(two here)having ANY sense,will comment ONLY FROM 'THEIR ORIGINAL' account!!!:-)

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks, for your concern, u r really a nice man

Indrajal Comics Club said...


let it go now, and enjoy the comic

Indrajal Comics Club said...


i was angry, yes, I agree ,

but not now...

i have left behind that... i'm in my original mood....

this is more dangerous than a simple abusive language,, dont u think so? so i had to remove that

there is no question about that ki, i have been posting ajay's scans from the begining,i never denied it, i have given credit to him, vineeth and others every possible time( and btw, i have contributed my scans also at icc and tcp and even bala also has contributed many comics to icc and tcp) but is this my shop? what i'm earning from this? may be a popularity, but isn't that worth? why this person should have any objection? NOW YOU GET IT????

Dara said...

Let it gooo??? whyeeeee!!!!

Well,then....Lets FORGIVE those cowards n THNX U very much....for the RELIEF I got frm this HORRIFIC TRUTH!!yeahhhhhhhhh.. :-))

Achha,amar matha thanda hoe giyeche...let it go ;-)

Indrajal Comics Club said...


app to mahapurush hai!!!! itna mat bhadkiye, aap ki sehad ke liye acchha nahi,,,,

gentlemen (if any) please come to "maa bahen " blog for verbal abusing/vertual fighting

Indrajal Comics Club said...

chandan / sagnik stop it,,,

i'm deleting all these comments made by u

Dara said...

Well ICC,
It's ok...hope Chandan also agree!

Btwn,I only relieved that,NO MORE...I mean NO MORE gyan from some 'FAKE SAINT' over HOW TO BEHAVE/SHOW RESPECT lst,NOT from those!! ;o)

Well,I'm stopping!!

CHANDAN said...

ICC,iam sorry i dont see any reason why u had to delete my post...there was nothing wrong in it.

Dara said...

there was nothing wrong in it.

Arre,cool down !! I've sent my 'deleted' comments to ya!!,we can discuss it 'personally' ! ;-P

And,NOTHING but PROVOCATION was in ur 'that' comment ....otherwise was very petty!!;-))

Grouchy's Comics said...

Dear ICC, I must say thats incredibly smart of you to find out the real identity of Ravi Satpathy.

I must confess that I am incredibly curious to find out who he/she is especilly after you had written we all know who he/she is!!

My curiosity might spoil the good cheer that currently exists. So let me bottle it up. My internet connection is down last couple of days. So I will be able to read the comics only tomorrow :(

Thanks in advance.

Dara said...

Lets forget it!!

Obviously HE known to you/all from a long time,but I guess,as that fake person alredy confessed n wish to be forgiven,otherwise which may spoil HIS SO-CALLED CLEAN Image that you guys acarrying so far!!


But,you always can mail/chat....pesonal path's open ;-)) ONLY NO Public!

Grouchy's Comics said...

daraji, Yes I agree. Thanks.

The Phantom Head said...

Dear ICC, thanks for the kerry drake. its not often that we get one.

About "Nakli Chehre", now when you have made the things so curious and intrigued by asking for a guess work, i think we all deserve to know the name of the person. (if you really know him). By the way I am doubtful about the sitemeter and getip software's accuracy. Hope all this is not a mere bluff. (one more example of your sense of humour). Are you fearing that it may actually lead to an anti-climax. Please just tell the name.

I actually started making my guess from your list of 32 VIPs and later felt it totally insane act. I even failed to make anything out of the clues you provided in mail.

One more thing. I missed all the stuff at CW. you and "ravi" exchanged something which was later deleted. I have no idea what those comments contained but as far as his comment here is concerned, there was no need for a worry. The words were very distasteful and disrespectful, so what? It was his opinion. Don't we ourselves ask people to come up with their opinions. Is it that we are going to publish only the praises and delete everything else? I feel it is more like a primary head-master's approach to the things.

I am sorry. Just felt to express my thoughts over the issue. I again appeal you to make that name known, if you really know him.

CHANDAN said...

ICC,you are back to your original frequency and iam glad about it.
it was a pleasure to read this comic and 1st part of Phantom thriller as well.I had read all three parts of this comic yrs.back in one of the libraries.
But the interesting thing about these comics is you can remember very few things which you read before.All the same becomes a pleasure to read them all over again,seems altogether a different story.
Great effort.All the hard work is getting paid off from a person we thought we had nearly lost.
Yes..iam referring to those days of your absence.
I salute u for a great comeback.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


had it been "ravi's" opinion, i wudnt have objected atall.. but in this matter the case is different.. ravi is not ravi, somebody else.... so why this backstabbing?
i will not disclosed his name...
i think this is enough for everybody,,

lets change the topic..

The Phantom Head said...

OK. I take that.

Just curious to know, were all the comments made during this month in the name of "ravi satpathy" were from this fake person only?

Dara said...

ALL comments in account 'Ravi Satyapathy' were made by ONE n ONLY ONE person..besides other 'REAL' proof....NO OBJECTION from any person(that's obvious,if some REAL Ravi did excist!!.but alas) ,proves that ALL comments indeed frm THAT fake one!!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

Dara has a very valid point tph, if real ravi sathpathy had been existant, he would have replied straight a way that he is the real person, but that is not the case, nobody has come forward to tell that i am wrong,,,


CHANDAN said...

Dear ICC,i have mailed u.Please reply.Its regarding a comic which i want to exchange with u.

Dara said...

Ravi sathpathy was NEVER EVER A REAL PERSON,,,,,
I wish,everybody incld. some dumb (like our cry baby ;-))ALREDY UNDERSTAND that,RAVI indeed was a FAKE NAME n 'REAL person' behind it is too afraid to come forward(I hope NEITHER Astiva OR Ravi show thier UGLY faces now onwards!!ohhh...evil time is gone)

Yes,instead of asking,do it yourselves,,,,BE a Rip Kirby n NOT Desmond(who wondered till the end)!!!

comicrazee said...

Hmmmm! This is becoming more of a Sherlock Holmes stuff with intriguing suspense!

The Phantom Head said...

Dear Chandu, I fully agree with your decision to not disclose the real identity of 'ravi'. We are now more interested in the nice work you are continuing for long. Keep up buddy.

CHANDAN said...

ICC…..waiting very earnestly for Phantom second part.
Guess we will be lucky today(hope so).
Thanks for everything,the prize comics.Hoping for lots more.Thanks.
Continue the great effort.We all are with you.
i also want to see you put the post no. along with each post.Gives a trace of where we have reached.

Ravi Satpathy said...

Hi friends i am back again.I dont know how many times i have to clear myself.Let me do it for the last time.
Dear ICC i am still unable to understand when ever did i "abused" you!!!Can you kindly quote a single comment of mine where i used any sort of abusive words.
Regarding my comment about the "shops" i again wish to say that it was only written in some lighter mood as anybody can easiy point out from it that nobody is running any shop by running comic blogs as shops are those where somebody intend to make some financial profit and comic blogs certainly are selfless service provided for comic lover without any motive of profit hence by no means they come under "shop" purview.
If still due to my those words you got hurt then i sincerely apologize for that.

I am surprised to see that what motive you are extracting from my comments and are clearly mistaking me for somebody else!!
Let me tell you something more about me,my job is of touring nature and i have to travel a quite lot and hence i surfs and comments on the blogs from different part of India during my tour.
If your that locator software is working properly then it will be pointing out the location of my these very comment,Ok let me point out myself,i am in Mumbai currently,your IP locator software will also be pointing out it.
I can certainly make the comments also from other different parts of India during my future tour to prove that your are mistaking somebody else for me.
Also i never owned a blog up till now as pointed out by some of "those" persons who themselves live in glass castles but are very eager in pelting stones on others.

My dear other regular friends can anybody of you point out if i had abused anybody or have done something 'gravely' offensive!!!!
TPH many thanks to you for putting up honest words by saying that there were no such sort of abuses in my comments.

ICC its my last humble request to you that in haste or hurry to put up things early please try to verify the things and facts fullproof so that there may not be any element of doubt left so that anybody else should not be mistaken for somebody.

I am also posting my this vey comment on CW also for wider circulation in order to get the 'false' doubts cleared.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


u r really lucky that i'm not still pointing your name.... dont take advantage of it... i still give you 1 hr, to delete ur post at icc and cw and any other place,, i still request you not to dig up the issue,,,it will harm you only...i dont want to do this,,, i mean it,, if i wanted to do it,,, i would have done it that day...
i request you again to delete your post...kill ravi sathpathy,, and be with us,,, we are all yours.. believe me

Dara said...

#Person Behind the Name RAVI:
BE ready to GET EXPOSED!!!

WE ALL Blogger incld. Pattu/Chandan alredy aware ur DIRTY activity,ur BACK-STABBING,ur INTENTION to POLLUTE Blog's ATMOSPHERE...'cos those proofs we MAILED them!!!


So,shut-up ..n don mention ur DIRTY EXSISTENSE here!!

p.s.- WE all KNOW ...U R IN TOUR...'cos WHERE YOU WORK IS diffrent city frm UR HOME-TOWN!!,be careful!!!!

Ruchi said...

Dear ICC,

Thanks for this Kerry Drake comic. It's one of those that I read in my childhood, incidentally that one also was a hindi one. So nice to be back in those days again. The artwork done in this comic (and similar ones) is one of the best in IJC. Does anybody know about the artist?

I specially like this format of posting, as I do not download the comic, unless there is a download-only link.

I know it must take more efforts from the blog owners to post in this format. So I wish to tell them all that at least I do read in this format. So thanks for your extra efforts.

- Ruchi.