Sunday, 10 June, 2007

#39 Wamba Falls Inn

Dear friends,
This blog has hit 500 page views today. Taking this opportunity, I wish to deliver my 'thanksgiving' speech. ;-))
I would like to thank CW and TCP for posting a link to this blog on their blogs. I would also like to thank Ajay Misra, Ivan Pederson, Balaji, Desiguru, Peder Bjorkmann, Daily Ink, Dc++ hubs and Torrents for enriching my collection. I am grateful to TCP again for starting a comic blog for all of us and bringing back our childhood memories. If TCP hadn't existed I wouldn't have returned to Indrajal Comics. Many thanks also to the 'raddiwalas' who let me rummage through their wares in quest of the comics. Last, but certainly not the least, I would like to thank all of you who have supported me. Keep coming back to this and to the other comics blogs.
Now enough speech for the day and a time to post a new comic
This is a request by Kit Walker who has posted a Gujju phantom on his blog.

This story was repeated in "The Game of Treachery"

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Indrajal Comic Reader said...

I claim the First Position again!!!

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

You are very correct, if TCP had not started the blog, we would not have had a chance to enjoy the old memories again. Thanks for all the scans Ajay and TCP for posting them.
Please continue posting the comics as it is an excellent stress reliever.

DARA said...

Hey dude,Superb-old-comic... i've the repeat version of it [vol.20 No. 36], but reading the original of '67 is a DIFFERENT-FUN altogether, also the repeat version was published in TCP in APR'05 (#2).

DARA said...

....And there 's a good news.... i've link ur site [with others as well]in my blog :''..u do visit my blog & leave ur comments.. Bye

The Comic Project said...

good one chandoba this was the 3rd or 4th comic on TCP many years ago and it's the 3rd on yours too :-)

The Comic Project said...

oh congrats on 500

chandoba said...

#ICR : u r the first as always.That is the idea to start this similar blog. comics are @800 and no of blogs posting these comics are only 2.. if u consider posting rate of TCP is @100 comics a year, it will take many years to complete the collection, now CW is also in action for a while, we can complete it within 2-3 yrs

#Dara : thanx bro

#TCP : many years ago?????? tu to buddha ho gaya comic post karte karte.. :))
this is 4th comic here and was 3rd at tcp "many many" years ago..