Friday, 8 June, 2007

ICC#03-#265 The Ghost Town

This is the earlier Mandrake comic "The Ghost Town" based on Mandrake Sunday No 127- The Ghost Town. Again thanks to Ajay Misra

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Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Great Work Ajay & Chandoba....
I claim the First Position!!!!

Mandrake said...

@ICC: superb stuff...ur a REAL ROCKER dude....tmnx a ton!

Mandrake said...

..& I claim The 2ND position!!! yuk yuk

Kit Walker said...

waah waah ! mazaa aa gaya! excellent work and excellent new layout.
our community is getting bigger and bigger day by day.

by the way if you have english copies of the indrajaal i posted on my gujarati blog, and if you can share them I will be very glad..

If there is anything I can do, plz feel free to tell me.

And yes, a friendly word of caution.. someone may contact you using my name (which he has done with other bloggers), plz verify before accepting.
I only use one email:

warm regards,
Kit Walker

Kit Walker said...

only one suggestion.. try to keep the comment moderation on..

chandoba said...

@icr: thanx dear and thanks again to Ajay and u r the first
@Mandrake: thanx again
@Kit: yes I have all the scans. I have sent an email to u please reply and thanx for the comments.. I think we will go step by step,I have disabled anonymous comments

Mandrake said...

@ICC aka CHANDOBA: where the 'site meter'?? arrange a site meter in ur site ....'tis really helpful 2 undrestand the no. of Hits *keep faith*

Nithin said...

Glad you are providing a download link immediately.


Paula said...

Keep up the good work.