Thursday, 31 January, 2008

Star Trek 01- Planet of No Return

Harbhjan controversy is over at last... he admitted that he said "only" "teri maaN ki..." and not "monkey"... hahahahha.. What a joke!! only teri maa ki..? Which is one of the worst abuses ( I know some "better" galis than this ;0, mail me if you want) and these imported(firangi) people(ICC and the judge) agreed!!!! They didn't find anything wrong in that, so only deducted 50% of his match fees!!! Prabhu ki leela ....

Jaan bachi aur laakhon (literally) paayen
Ghar ke buddhu (Dravid, Dada, Kumble, Laxman) ghar ko aayen !!

by the way, Dada has returned home, did not answer any questions.. only said " I do not have anything to say".. poor guy... so, Sagnik and co, kitni bus, tram jalyai kolkata mein ? ;-

Anyone interested in Star Trek? I have all Goldkeys' .. if u like it, will post more.


Grouchy's Comics said...

Most people will disagree with me. I feel Harbhajan's punishement of 3 matches should have been upheld. Yes yes he is no racist but what he did is not acceptable. Aurtalians are not saints. So too are Indians. The knee jerk reaction by India after the Sydney debacle especially by the news channels was nauseating. Yes Buckner made a lot of mistake and its time for him to retire. Still I think India crumbled under pressure and should have drawn the Match. Ishant Sharma hit some nice 4s in perth and Adelaide but could not hodl for 3 balls before the next over. Anyway he is still young.
As for spirit of the game, Yes Austalia dont play with the right sprit. Again Indians are not saints. Rahul darvid and the great Sachin have tampered with the ball. Kapil 'Mankaded' our coaches big brother (Gary). If there is one person I respect in the team it is Kumble. He should have been captain after Dada.

India played the last two tests really well and are definitely a threat to Australia. Now BCCI is telling the players to watch their language. Why didnt they have say all this before?

Sledging is bad. But if others do that to you in the field by all means sledge back but do it in a common language and intelligently. To abuse somebody because you cant think quickly enough is plain stupid.
I am sure many will disagree with me. Thats fine. Sorry for the long post ICC. If there is a diasgreement then I will not respond further here.

Finally thanks for the comic!

Grouchy's Comics said...

What I meant is: I have stated my views. However I dont wish to start an argument if people disagree with the above. Which is of course their right.

The star trek illustrations are not great.

DARA said...

Jaan bachi aur laakhon (literally) paayen
Ghar ke buddhu (Dravid, Dada, Kumble, Laxman) ghar ko aayen !!

I'd alredy mailed you on this....btwn,SHOW SOME RESPECT towards our players who'd played wonderfully...specially Laxman & Kumble!!

How on earth one can 'abuse' Kumble specially,after the 'brave' way he lade team frm front (n controlled that worst situatn gracefully).

Btwn,still if ya think those FOUR Veterans are 'buddhu' who 'returned home'....then you shud mentioned that ONE OLD 'buddhu' still playing there...namely 'Sachin Ramesh Teandulkar'!

U missed in hurry ,nah??? NOT saying you avoided him as YOU ALSO frm Mumbai!

P.S.- The trend (of insult) you showing towards our players,well I know,eevn abusing Tendala is nothing for you!!!...but plz,there are MANY a fans out there who reading this post....abusing some great players,that too publicly,is bit cheap....hope,you'll understnd without crete any 'usual' drama!

DARA said...

so, Sagnik and co, kitni bus, tram jalyai kolkata mein ? ;-


Indrajal Comics Club said...

I'd alredy mailed you on this....btwn,SHOW SOME RESPECT

hahahhahahahah,,, look who is talking!!! the guy who abused,, tcp, his wife,tph,col worubu and many more...


have i changed my blog's name as dara-indrajal? which needs a publicity as nobody visits that blog...

abuse kumble?

did i? or did i abuse ganguly? or anybody else? it was just a proverb....

no, that buddhu is still playing...he is in the team ;- otherwise i would have taken his name also..

DARA said...

hahahhahahahah,,, look who is talking!!! the guy who abused,, tcp, his wife,tph,col worubu and many more...

Yes,I ahve abused some persons....some deserves it n for rest,I'd crossed my limit & admited it many times!

However,by mentioning these U SIMPLY prove....U lack any 'proper arguments' to support ur 'cheap' post & want to HIDE things by rake-up some pasts,which alredy many times discussed. :-)

Btwn,does my 'abusive/illtempered' nature meant you also FREE to abuse/insult our great players,for whom you enjoy this game immensely????

Calling Buddhu(idiot) to Kumble/Dada/Laxman is an insult!!.....& being a 34-yr old,you shud know it!!!


have i changed my blog's name as dara-indrajal? which needs a publicity as nobody visits that blog...

I don understnd....when I've changed MY Blog-title(it's same frm begining) & by 'dara-indrajal' how much publicity I gained than 'indrajal-comics' itself??

DARA said...

for whom you enjoy this game immensely????

Sorry,extremely sorry for typing's NOT 'you' but 'we' i.e. criket it's CLEAR that U r NEVER A CRIKET-FAN as we neverseen any posts/comments/mails when India won in Perth Tests or closely lost in Sydney!

You arther very eagerly looking for the 'wrong/political' side of this game n AS SOON AS get a chance..... published a post!

Simply,you can't let this chance go...which may help you to crete some 'cheap/meaningless' drama & boasted your ego by abusing some greats!

bahadur said...

We are forgetting one most important thing….the advent of V.Sehwag.Iam not saying he is the best but definitely the top order has to be grateful to him.Come V.Sehwag and lo and behold,we have the first best 50 run partnership of the tour.I mean thePerth test.
We don’t have enough proof of what really transpired bet’n Symonds and Harbhajan but it is clear that Symonds started it all.
As far as comments by Harbhajan are concerned,I will not say anything because I believe in Seeing Is Believing.ICC,whether he really said it or not I don’t know but if he said it then he deserved much more than what he got.
See everyone has a role to play….it was Ganguly who enabled winning home series against Pakistan,where as the likes of great Tendulkar.Laxman,Kumble and of course Sehwag,R.P.Singh and Ishant did the trick in Australia.Tendulkar who was considered gone finally proved that Form is temporary but Class is permanent.It happens with great players sometimes.
Grouchy,u cant compare India and Australia….as far as sledging is concerned.We all know what I mean.More often than not,they have the habit of intimidating their opponents for all the wrong reasons,to put batsmen in a frenzy so that they lose their concentration.Why?One classical example that comes to my mind is of Javagal Srinath who relied heavily on his own strength to get wickets,I never saw him provoking or sledging any batsmen,great effort really.He was a sober and humble fellow yet could produce a genuine fast bowler’s delivery.That is the spirit.
Jaan bachi aur laakhon (literally) paayen
Ghar ke buddhu (Dravid, Dada, Kumble, Laxman) ghar ko aayen !!

Dravid has only been a shadow of himself…Dada looks a little vulnerable on fast and bouncy tracks,his running bet’n the wickets has been a concern.Kumble..well,hwe himself has quit ODI’s and Laxman,I guess is only a TEST cricketer.

So all in all it’s real good effort in Australia,for me India has won the series 2-1.Tell u what,it’s a dream to even draw a game in Australia,leave alone beating them(again the umpire factor…well)
And to beat them at PERTH,the fastest pitch in the world,takes the cherry.For me,Sydney test was India’s.So going by that,India has won it 2-1
ICC….iam even-stevens with ur observations.I agree and also disagree with some of ur comments.Nevetheless iam sure if Tendulkar flops tomorrow then u ont hesitate to pull one on him even…that shud be it.Because we want India to be a force to reckon with.
Remember it’s a win we desire first and then Man of the Match can be considered.

BTW…..nice post,ICC.Keep it up.

adibud34 said...

This series in Australia has been very interesting - it is amazing that the Australians accused another country's player of being racist! Australia is a synonym of racism - their origins prove it!
Now, it will be interesting - every country that plays Australia will start complaining about racism/bad behavior - let us see how it develops!
ICC - did you mean "Buddhu" or did you mean "Buddha"? If the latter, then in a way you're right - the guys are old! I only hope that Dhoni and Yuvraj get their act together in the one-days - Yuvraj has been atrocious so far!

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

Bechhare Australians! if only they had known what "teri maaki" means, they would have given him a much bigger punishment, rather than getting called a monkey! they are real monkeys! ICC, wht do u feel?

DARA said...

Nowadays it's a 'hit' concept that we shud drop Sachin/Kumble/Dada/Laxman just 'cos they are @wrong side of their age & also NOT that good filders either!

So,wid some player,who is just 3-yr old in international criket,namely "MS.Dhoni" & our 'wise' selectors find it BEST to hunt for 'ENERGIES' & thus dropped all(except ST) & brought YOUTH & so-called superb filder/runners to beat Ausies!!!

Holla....they r OUR F-U-T-U-R-E!!!!

But alas,those 'futures' HAVE NO 'present'.....and AS A REDULT....India ALL OUT in today's T20 within 74(on slow track of Melborne)!!!

And what happened in Perth(fastest in Australia)??? ohh...Team India scored 330 & 294 and defeted Punter's Co. /////WID 'HELP' of our OLDIES Majorly!!!!!!!

Hope todays performance (& coming disasters) will be an EYE-OPENER for ALL who very 'fondly' abuse our Great Oldies!!! :-)

FACE IT: These 'oldies' r currently FAR FAR better than 'blasted youths'....ohh,finally it proved!!! :-)))

DARA said...

Btwn, Dhoni said few days back,how WORTHLESS wud be Daad/Laxman etc on Ozs huge ground n pacy pitch....well,it's quite an insult....& I hope by now he realised how much 'faltu' he's(wid selectors frm ALL Zones) & thoz YOUTHS.....BOTH the Captain & vice-captain of 'this' Team India SIMPLY SUCKS!!;-)

I still hope,Team India will win a few matches aginst Oz(specially) & Lanka too....but,what's the probability?? :-/ ....specially wid blowers like'lathergic' M.Patel(ohh lst that' BIGGEST SUCKER ,A.Agarkar hadn't picked!! ;-)) or 'joker' like Srisanth!!!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

agreed about ajit agarkar.. who is the worst player bombay has ever produced!!! but was in the team for many many yrs... like mr. deep dasgupta/ mr raohan gavaskar/ mr sujit somsunder/ vijay bharadwaj/ hemang badani/ sanjeev sharma( during my childhood)/

munaf patel is the worst fielder in the team even worst than ganguly, reminds me of mr sandip patil..

do u know there was better joker than sreshant/// yes, there was,, mr bharti arun? anybody remembers his first ball in the international cricket? hahahah that was the biggest joke..

all oldies were in world cup?

we lost against bd.. and sl...

it dosent make any difference to the team,,, hum log (90%) always haar jate hain..

so dada and co or dhoni and gang..

we are the loosers,,

DARA said...

Even if we consider all oldies in the squad,the WORST fielder is 'none other than' Zaheer Khan!

Yes,I don count M.Patel as he's an UN-FIT/lathergic player & WHY he picked is BEST known(??) by our ALL 5 'blasted' selectors!!

After these two,I don find much diff among Dada/Laxman/Agarkar/Kumble when it comes to 'poor fielding' ,as more/less all are pretty bad in this department!!...closely then Sachin & Dravid(he's bit better though)..

Now,Abt 'Agarkar'...I hope ALL knows how 'fondly' he called as "Ms.Rai"(meant our beauty-queen: Ash) by his Team-Mates ;-))))!!!
haahhahahahah....ohhh...that's a very bad joke & I dono what it's(Agarkar = Ash) origin!!

The Phantom Head said...

Dear ICC, for last 2 days I am waiting for a link and you are busy performing autopsy on a dead 'monkey'.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


hahhahahaaa,, good one

sorry for not posting ... here its

mister alf said...

Thank you for your efforts in posting the Phantom and Mandrake comics. I have enjoyed the many downloads you have provided and reading the views expressed by fellow bloggers, in particular about the cricket. Although the Star Trek comics do not fit into the "Indrajal" family of comics or cricket, to have this set of comics available for download would be appreciated, even if only from a historical point of view. I am sure that there are others in this community who would also like to see these posted.