Saturday, 20 October, 2007

#Vol20-08 The Green-Eyed Monster III

Finally,3rd and the concluding part of The Green Eyed Monster.. enjoy it..
if you want more covers, tell me

NB: the blog has crossed 25000 hits,, please give your support and love as you have given in these 4-5 months,, keep coming and commenting.

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The Phantom Head said...

I am first again. :-)


Had there no pause for two months the number would have been touching at least 40000 by now. Never the less no milestone is too far.

and covers are always very much welcome. To me they are the best post. If others are not having any objection then I would like to see them coming regularly. You may give 10-20 with each comic post till all of them are here.

Thanks for the brilliant work.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

tph: thanks for the comments.. i dont mind giving covers with every comic, but then there will be a problem for labeling,, so will keep it weekly

Indrajal Fanclub said...

Chandoba, finally, you have sent the monster! thanks!

Download link ?

I have sent u an email. pl. reply it.

Indrajal Fanclub said...

25000 is nothing, man! I know, you will be crossing 25,00,000 once you post continuosly for the next comming months!

Keep it up, and no gaps , please!!

The Phantom Head said...

u r right. plz do it at u'r convenience.

Anil said...

Hi,iam a frequent visitor of Online Indian comics.had demanded from frank..mystery of Gandor which posted afterwards and also on TPH as Diamond comics.
SHALL i request some phantom 3 parts comics like ironwilled saviour/missing prince or revenge of the ghost.Liked your Mandrake 3 part comics thats why this demand.
Just hopes you can deliver.Thanks a million for coming back,dear ICC.
you added colour to this world.your frequncy is amazing.Please grant me this wish,ICC.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

sameer: already mailed u...and thanks for the compliments

anil: revenge of ghost and iron willed saviour baven been already posted on CW

i have missing prince, but not yet scanned,, will scan it and post it,, keep visiting

ANIL said...

Thanks for the effort,ICC.Just love you.i just loves Phantom comics-Indrajals.will be waiting for missing prince earnestly.Thanking you very much.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Many Many Congratulations from me for your posting efforts and keeping Indrajal comics coming for readers like us who do not have access to actual Indrajals but remember the look and feel of these adventure filled comics.
I hope your blog reaches 25Million hits soon. I hope someday we can all have DVDs of Indrajal comics from the first comic to the last comic published...

Indrajal Comics Club said...

anil:thanks dear

bala: tere munh mein ghee aur shakkar.. aur kuch mandrake sundailies bhi ;-

Chandan said...

HAPPY DUSSEHRA to everyone.
Hope there are loads of fireworks on this blog.
What say,ICC?

Krishna said...

Happy Dasara to all. This is a fantastic blog. When I first saw this few months ago I was zapped. Brought back my old memories.Saw comics that I read years ago! Keep up the good work!
Krishna , Chennai

Indrajal Comics Club said...

chandan: same to you,, firworks have been started already

Krishna : welcome to ICC friend, and thanks for the compliments