Friday, 23 November, 2007

#044 Time Clock

I made a mess of the last post. I'm extremely sorry for that. I will refer only IOB henceforth. So, TPH, your efforts are not in vain.
This is a very rare comic of Mickey Mouse published by Indrajal. Something very funny and different than the others.
PMB supporters might be disappointed, but don't worry, I will post it next time.
Ajay/Vineeth combo rocks...

Download Comic


Grouchy's Comics said...

Yes its a very rare comic indeed. Many thanks. The harcopy of this comic should be quite valueble

The Phantom Head said...

A definite classic story. I don't remember reading many disney comics having human characters also. Thanks to you and to Vineet-Ajay.

And plz leave what happened last time. I feel I over reacted on that. Sorry grouchy.

Grouchy's Comics said...

No Hard feelings TPH. Comic lovers are a passionate but mature bunch.

Comic World said...

#TPH: I wish to thank you for your tiring efforts which you put up for preparation of IOB,really it will save our time and efforts which we use to put up in cross checking all the links of comics posted mainly by TCP and other blogs before deciding to post a particular comic on our blog.
I hope that IOB will be updated on a regular basis.
Once again heartiest thanks.

The Phantom Head said...

CW and ICC: Thanks a lot for approving the effort. I'll be glad if it proves to be of some help to the bloggers and admirers of indrajal.

Aditya Simha said...

Thanks for this comic. I never knew IC published Mickey Mouse earlier.

Chandan said...

Nice comic,ICC.Great effort.
Just remembered....
A teacher asking 3 students:
Name a zodiac sign.

Well,....HA HA HA HA HA,even if i laugh at myself.
I don't remember but musta answered like this when i was in my early teens....
Getting a little serious,ICC,ALTHOUGH I WUD LOVE A PHANTOM,please push in GANG OF IMPOSTERS---BAHADUR next.You once said u had it.

Kay mhantos?
Post karsheel ka?Abhari rahin.
Thoda vel gela tari chalel.

Dara said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Dara said...

Chandan wrote;
Kay mhantos?
Post karsheel ka?Abhari rahin.
Thoda vel gela tari chalel.

Chandan,What is this??????
I guess you trying to praise Chandu in Marathi ....but then using a language that majority don understand in 'public forum' like these blogs is NOT ok....rather put in english/hindi!!

OR BETTER,U rather send him a "mail with many MORE praises" etc n "WITH your ENDLESS WISH-LIST of Indrajals!!"


Prabhat said...

Plase check,scan0008qq6.jpg. File is not loading properly

Colonel Worobu said...

This is a cool comic from Indrajal. Enjoyed it. Thanks Chandu!

Chandan said...

I appreciate your say to post something which all wud understand.
But tell me,do we all do that?
Sometimes we do post something absurd and at times even annoying to/on these blogs.Do we realise that time whether it is acceptable to all?......No.So is it ok to post anything but which can be understood by all?
I was just trying out a little Marathi and what i said was this....
"What say?Will u post?
I'll be grateful.
Won't mind if it takes some time."

Dara,Where is the praise?

Come on...As far as wish list is concerned,its upto ICC to decide.Iam not forcing anyone for anything.The day he says enough(my requests),I'll call it a day.
Iam but just a humble viewer and I respect these blogs big-time.

In fact I have confidence that he will post it.I feel it because I love the blog.
ICC,am i right?
These days i have seen and felt...
Whenever i request,someone has a problem.Specially so when i respect everyone's wish.Is this fair?

Anonymous said...

Nice comic!

Suman said...

Where is the download link ? Plz post other disney comics published in the indrajal such as zorro, rob roy, treasure island etc. -- Suman

Krishna said...

Does any one want links to Gold Key Tarzan comics? I have 18 of them

Chandan said...

ICC,where are u?
Is everything fine?
Hoping to hear soon from u.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

pattu: a hard copy is indeed a rare piece, vineeth is lucky to have it, and we r lucky to read it

tph: thanks dear, raat gayi baat gayi

cw: same here

tph: it has already started helping people, keep it up

aditya: thanks, there r many more to come

chandan: good joke, but i liked ur previous one, ie "full body" wala
i have that comic in a hard copy, my scanner is still under repair so it looks difficult for the time being.. may be cw can help u..

dhanyavad mitra

dara: ooooooops u messed it,, HE is again upset

prabhat: the link is working here

Indrajal Comics Club said...

col: thanks sir,

chandan: why u become emotional every time? he was just pulling ur legs,, how bhabhi lives with u? )))))))) i wonder

dont worry about what others say,,, u post ur endless wishlist, oppppsss, never mind

keep laughing...

Indrajal Comics Club said...

anon: thanks, kindly leave ur name

krishna: give the link

suman: sorry, couldnt post it earlier, but has been posted now

chandan: i'm here only, aap ki sewa mein hazzir, kya hukum mere aaka

Chandan said...

There you are,finally.
Your scanner has disappointed me and so has your legpulling once again.Never mind.....
And to top it you have posted covers instead of comics,well...

I can't digest so many disappointments at one go...

But,great effort,ICC...great covers.

OK,AM i FREE to request one more?
Then please post "The Jewel Deal" no--238 or no.271--"The Wonder Jewel".iam sure both are yet to be posted.
Iam not worried,but when i request,i just feel iam doing something bad.In fact,look at the no. of comments per comic...pathetic scenario.Some people will never learn until its too late.
Looks like only few of us are interested but everyone enjoys the benefit of others' requests.
So what,if,a sincere viewer like me requests a few?
Its not that BIG WISHLIST is going to be enjoyed by me only?
ICC-am i right?

CW---Will u post Gang of Imposters for me?
A big thanks to Ajay and Vineeth too for everything.

Dara said...

ICC said:

how bhabhi lives with u? )))))))) i wonder

I wonder,too!!!!

Chandan,plse don upset over my pseudo-arrogance!!
As i said earlier,u r the geniunine Comic-Relief of our Comic Blogs..

Keep It Up!! ;-))

P.S.- Now,I've said so many prises....don become 'senti' again!!