Saturday, 17 November, 2007

#399 The Wax Trap aka Rahasyon Ke Saayen

Sorry for not posting the DL link earlier. The link has been provided.

First Rip Kirby on the blog. Posting both versions, scanned by Ajay.
I'm comfortable in CW's pants. He has already removed/changed them,and currently wearing trendy Bermudas, so, I'm happy to accept them for a while ;-)

Download English Comic

Download Hindi Comic


nithish said...

Thanks for 'The Wax Trap'.Please post some of Rip kirby strips,which were not published in Indrajal.

Comic World said...

ICC:Its nice to see you in new outlook or in new 'Pants'...they quit suits you..keep them as long as you wish as i am also happy with trendy bermudas at the moment...;o)
More of non p/m/b comics are welcome..its nice to see that you are opting for them.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


Thanks for the feedback, sur, i will post some rip kirby strips

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for the comments and pants...;-

yes, that is the only solution to keep the blogs alive till the end, otherwise once all pmb are published, nobody will come to us

The Phantom Head said...

Many Thanks. This is the first rip kirby story indrajal. It made me an instant fan of this nice character when I read it upon publication. Still remember reading it many times. What a fantastic way to trap the culprit.

Also thanks for the Hindi version. I only hope someone continues to wear this pant.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks for ur feedback...i also like this character as well as buz,, simple down to earth persons, no magic powers, no superheros..

i will wear as long as i have engough "pairs" ;---

The Phantom Head said...

#ICC: "i will wear as long as i have engough "pairs" ;---"

Superb one-liner.

Ciro said...

More Rip Kirby strips, please.
More original Rip Kirby strips, please.
More Flash Gordon strips, please!
Thanks for all the work you are doing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for another gift!Mediafire is working now.

Prabhat said...

Thanks for another gift!Mediafire is working now.

Chandan said...

"yes, that is the only solution to keep the blogs alive till the end, otherwise once all pmb are published, nobody will come to us"
The top comment is urs, ICC.
To start with,P/M/B had their own charisma and can never be compared with others.The no.of isuues confirms that.
I see a lot of people targetting poor P/M/B.Dunno why?And if someone is worried about exhausting them,iam sorry,i can provide a list,which will still run good even when all other characters have been posted.
As far as ur comment is concerned,u disappoint me once again,ICC.People who appreciate u and ur work and of course who has a good sense of humour(who can create and tolerate a little bit of mischief/prank)will always be commented upon,either on person or the comic.
Tell u what,i hate Corrigan,Nomad.
Reason......Story not worth it,English lang... taken for a ride.
Rip,Flash,Buz,Aditya,Dara,Bruce........I like.
P/M/B.....I love.
The wax trap is a nice one.I think i read it somewhere before.
Its a different thing to love comics posted and to comment,because effort is a effort.
And its a great effort to post any comic.The ratio also disappoints me a lot.iam glad people are trying to pour in.
So,ICC,are u ready to eat ur words?
BTW,do u have The Tournament Of Death...a Flash comic,the very 1st.
If u can,please post it.Iam sure TPH,Dara and many others will be glad.
BTW,ICC,who is ur fav. character?
No one ever,inc. me,bothered to ask.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Very good rip kirby story. The best thing I like about rip is his tinted glasses.
Thanks a lot. This seems to be one of rare mishraji scans with advts.

DM said...

Hey ICC, I think Mediafire is up now, can you pls put the download link for Rip Kirby..
He is one of my fav characters..
and may i request some hindi indrajals as well!!!

Darth Seid said...

Very nice... It's not often that I see a Rip Kirby comic. Thanks for sharing it.

Aditya Simha said...

Aha! Another Harry Potter fan, eh? Cool! This one really grabbed my attention - the Pensieve bit! The story was interesting too; Desmond is a good character! :)

Can I request another Bahadur please? The one where he and Bela get engaged if possible.

Thanks a lot.

Dara said...

The one where he and Bela get engaged if possible

Dear Aditya,
It's very much pos'ble...ONLY somebody has to script-n-illustrate it! IT never happpened yet! ;-))

Aditya Simha said...

Dara, No way! :) Really? I thought in one comic, Bahadur proposes and Bela accepts... wasn't that made?

Shucks! I really miss Bahadur and the rest of the Indrajal Comics. I wish TOI would restart it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the posts and all the hard work that goes into scanning all these comics into the database.. I absolutely love it! reminds me of my childhood and all the Indrajal comics that I had collected.

Please keep posting more..


subhro said...

A Rip Kirby!!. Now this one is a real hero (no super power, just brain power)

Dara said...

wasn't that made?

No yaar!They have to go thgough some rituals as well !! ;-))
May b Bahadur felt romantic then,as they'd spent together frm a long time b4 that! hahahah.....also,that was VERY LAST panel of LAST Bahadur!

Don u remember Phantom n Mandrake's wedding??

I really miss Bahadur and the rest of the Indrajal Comics. I wish TOI would restart it!

That's NOT ONLY wish but my dream too!! I really miss all of 'em.... Bahadur/Dara n even Timpa with IJC's unique infos like Ripleys/Capri etc.....
Frankly,in 1990,With IJC,all these Indian-heroes got buried too. :((

Wish some kind ToI guys read it n rethink all!! .....

Colonel Worobu said...

When did you borrow the pensieve from Dumbledore? :o)

Colonel Worobu said...

Is this a recent scan by Mr. Misraji?

I am asking because he seems to have heard my plea for ad pages and has changed his policy to include them in his scans :o) Thanks Ajay!

The Phantom Head said...

Waiting for d/l link.

Though problem is still persisting with m/f but if one tries 2-3 times, it allows the d/l or u/l. This is my experience.

Abhijeet Loves Reading Comics... said...

i am trying to download the ACK book KARA .... BUT not getting success ... any ways ... i will try it ......

thanks for nice books .... keep posting few of ACK ......

Chandan said...

ICC,Where are u?
Missing u,come back fast.
Is everything OK?
Please comment.

obelix said...

ICC, great to see a Rip Kirby comics after a long time. I really don't remember when I saw a Rip Kirby comics in our most known comics blogs. Probably even saw more Buz Sawyer than Rip Kirby.
It would be great to see some more in near future.