Saturday, 9 February, 2008

#33 Treasure Island

A guide and a group of 5 women go to see the Niagara Falls. The guide starts giving all information about the falls. He says, the intensity of water is so thick that if five supersonic planes pass nearby, you can’t hear them!!! Then he turns towards the women and says "now ladies, if u please stop chatting, we will able to hear the sound of water!!!!!!!

Taking a break from PMB and posting an all time great, TREASURE HUNT.
Thanks to Ajay/Vineeth for making it available to us..
Giving you the download link as TPH always requested, and I ignored :))))

Download comic


Anonymous said...

Where are all the first commenters? Looks like I am first today.

Thanks for a good comic.


Prabhat said...
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The Phantom Head said...

Very poetic comments for last post. Let me continue that:

Woh pursish-e-gham ko aaye haiN,
Kuchha keh na sakooN, chup reh na sakooN,
Khamosh rahooN to mushkil hai,
Keh dooN to shikayat hoti hai.

So, I said and you oblized with a direct link.


Prabhat said...

Thanks for such a nice post. I wonder why publishers of IJC stopped publishing comics based on classical novels or not started a new series under a new name. I found some info regarding this post.
"Robert Louis Stevenson based much of this classic novel on fact and in many ways it provides a very accurate description of pirates. While there never was a pirate named Long John Silver or a Captain Flint, there was a real pirate named Israel Hands (a.k.a. Basilica Hands), who was second-in-command under Blackbeard. He was crippled when Blackbeard suddenly shot him in the leg for no apparent reason one night when Blackbeard, Hands, a pilot and another pirate were drinking in Blackbeard's cabin. When the fourth pirate noticed Blackbeard secretly drawing two of his guns, he quickly left. Soon after that, Blackbeard blew out the candle, crossed his hands and fired both his pistols under the table striking Hands in the knee. The other pistol did no damage. Blackbeard later explained that if he didn't kill one of his crew once in a while, they would forget who he was. Hands later deserted Blackbeard in Carolina and turned King's evidence. In Virginia, he was arrested for piracy and barely escaped execution. He was last seen begging for food in London."

Grouchy's Comics said...

Many thanks for this GEM ICC. Went to Landmark today and got all 5 lucky lukes. Thanks for letting me know. Two more issues: Dalton City and Calamity Jane are published but are not available in LandMark. In case you see them in Mumabi please let me know.

bahadur said...

Great post,ICC….keep up the good effort.These comics are also another of my choices,apart from IC’s.They are more like ACK’s.In all I like Tinkle(now almost forgotten love),ACK’s and MCK’s which sadly are not published anymore(manoj chitra katha).
For some reason,they have been taken over by Raj comics which are available in abundance at rs.30 per small digest.But I cud never ever discover the magic in them as I did in MCK’s.
But all in all for me,MCK’s and IC’s take the cake.Just a wild wish ….only if these 2 are published once again….I can visualize the rush for them.

sushant said...

Hey ICC, a great effort indeed! And now, its getting more colorful with inclusion of non Phantom/ mandrake stories! and thxfr that post on ack, too! Hey i was wondering if you or anybody visiting this blog can get me one particular comics? Its a diamond one. early Lambu Motu series. was in 2 parts. first one was vatan ke pahredar..featuring one villain named kala pahad. this one was my 3rd comics way back in 84..nd i miss the 2nd part still....if any one can b of any help, i ll b 2 grtful 2 him!!

adibud34 said...

Ah! This was a very different post - I've read the novel several times, I always found it to be a very thrilling novel. His "Kidnapped" was also a classic novel. I wonder how many kids nowadays get the chance to read classics like these?

deratt1 said...

Thanks for posting this old friend-it's always worth a read. Too bad someone won't republish the "Classics Illustrated" collection for today's kids. About 2 years ago someone did attempt to reprint the Classics Jr. line, but I only saw about 2 or 3 issues and then no more.

obelix said...

that's a very welcome change .... an entirely different sort ..... thanks a lot .... it's a classic of romanticism that is boyhood ....
thanks for this particular choice.

The Skull Cave Treasures said...

Chandoba is always known for posting surprises! a real nice one for a change!

Ajay said...

This particular comic was scanned by Bhoopathy but given photoshop effect by me . All credit should be given to him only.

dArA said...

Since 9th Feb,No new posts??

Hoping for a BIG Sunday release!!:-)

Prabhat said...
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Prabhat said...

Hello ICC! I found Marvel Classics Comics № 15 - Treasure Island. If you wish, can send you.

bahadur said...

Hey ICC,when are u returning here?
13 days without any post,its quite unusual,isnt it?
Be back soon.I know there are times when u have to leave the jungle(blog)and roam the streets of Mumbai and Poona like a ordinary person(and not ICC).Maybe this is one of those times.But isnt it time that u returned back to your jungle oops,your blog i mean.

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Very Good Comment, Bahadur, maybe he's gone hunting for more IJCs. Hopefully he will be back soon....

Indrajal Comics Club said...


yes, i got some rare comics )0

Indrajal Comics Club said...


I have to spend some time with my diana and heloise(Rati) .. all the time i am with my pigmies and bandars )))))

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for the comment, i am back

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for the info

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks for the offer.. i am not that much intersted, but the others might be.. so, it better if u give the link

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks )))

Indrajal Comics Club said...

GS congrats for LL

Indrajal Comics Club said...

tph: sher kiska tha? ))

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thank you very much for comments

Prabhat said...

Ok! I waited a while and posted in my blog along with other 29 Marvel Classics Comics.Here one can find book too.
Links are

Marvel Classics Comics:

Classics Illustrated comics verion:

The Phantom Head said...

"Saba Afgani", sung by Jagjit Singh in "Desires".

Gulshan ki fakat phoolon say nahin, kaanto say bhi zeenat hoti hai,
Jeenay kay liyey is duniya may, gham ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai !

Ae-wayaz-e-naadan karta hai, tu ek qayaamat ka charcha,
Yahan roz nighain milti hain, yahan roz qayaamat hoti hai !

Woh purssh-i-gham ko aayey hain, kuch keh na sakoon, chup reh na sakoon,
Khamosh rahoon to mushkil hai, keh doon to shikayaat hoti hai !

Karna hi padega zakht-e-alam, peenay hi padengay yeh aansoo,
Faryaad-o-fugan say ay naadan, tauheen-e-mohabbat hoti hai !

Jo aa kay rukay daaman pay `Saba', woh ashq nahin hai paani hai,
Jo ashq na chalkay aankho say, us ashq ki keemat hoti hai !

Gulshan ki fakat phoolon say nahin, kaanto say bhi zeenat hoti hai,
Jeenay kay liyey is duniya may, gham ki bhi zaroorat hoti hai !

Sanjana said...

Thank you.