Saturday, 8 March, 2008

Phantom Sunday 081 Alexander's Diamond Cup 09-20-1970 to 02-07-1971


Been extremely busy, couldn't post or even comment anything.. posting this from my office.
According to Deepwoods, this story has not been appeared in Indrajals... so, enjoy it..
Its a coloured Sunday from Illustrated weekly.. Thanks to Madu from Ivan's group. Also posting its B/w version for the friends who like to read classic strips.. This story is different from the S122, which was published in Ijs..
Liked Sameer's Sense of humor!!!!
on a second thought, what should be the cost of entire collection if someone really wants to sell his collection?
Someone has offered me Rs 28000/- for my entire 626 copies+200 spares...
No Joke... its a fact, that person was ready to pay..


ravi gokhale said...

Thanks 4this Comics ICC. When I was 8 or 9 something, I was already an Indrajal esp Phantom Phan. When my dad started sub for Illustrated Weekly (I remember it was edited by Khushwant singh)as his mug shot appeared on all issues as an editor). It was mostly a political mag slightly pro congress led by Mrs Gandhi (as all TOI publications in those days). In fact some Indrajals were edited so that they wont challange established pro-Russian tilt. nyway I didnt understand much about politics but you can imagine my glee when I spotted Phantom Pheast in the last pages. Suddenly it became my favorite. The only prob was there used to be only 3-4 pictures and sometimes the frames would repeat itself in the next issue. It wasnt enough to satisfy your hunger and the stories were shorter as well. The first story I remember was of 'Goolie goolie witch' which later got pub in Indrajal.
Anyway as I stated in Sameer's blog does any1 know the origins of Phantom cigarettes for kids which I think is the only official merchandise where Phantom appears. Its ironical becos Phantom is a non smoker and how he came 2be associated with endorsing these sweet ciggys as some might say it will encourage smoking.
Any thoughts??

Dr Ravindra Gokhale (Ravi)
Merseyside, UK

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks for the comic ICC. I for one dont appreciate Sameers sense of huour. I am actually surprised you knew about this earlier!

Comic World said...

ICC very appreciative to provide color scans too.Thanks.
Dr.Ravi very valid and interesting point raised by you,i too have enjoyed those sweet cigarettes in my childhood and is anxious to know the details of this merchandise.
Can anyone throw more light on the origin of those candies!!!

The Phantom Head said...

Thanks for this. I too like black and white phantom art by Sy Barry. The details appear more clear in those.

I don't belive it was a joke or something. It was a real sentiment of frustration and disappointment, except for the selling of collection part. You couldn't have been the first commenter had you knew it already.

Comic World said...

TPH same do i feel.You could be a good investigator,a logical point you have caught.

adibud34 said...

I remember reading this comic in a Diamond comics digest. Thanks for posting it, Chandoba!

The Phantom Head said...

This is a brilliant post. I read both versions posted by you. This is the real treasure you are having. Thanks for sharing with us.

Illustrated Weekly scans are superb. Their colouring standards are beyond compare. This is 1970-71 strip and in those times indrajal was not very impressive with colouring.

High quality B/W scans have their own charm. But one more glitch caught my attention. This story (#S81) says Phantom got diamond cup from Joonkar (in times of 8th phantom) but #S122 tells a different story altogether, how 3rd phantom recieved this cup from that Indian Maharaja (Aruna's prize catch).

dArA said...

S81 ran for 21 weeks,but IW shows only 15 sunday pages...amy be they'd edited heavily!

Btwn,this one published in DC #22 without any title!

dArA said...

I've posted this comment(s)in CW over the Print-out of Mnadrake strips...
It's about whether we shud go for 'Master Lesser Print' or 'ordinary xerox' of those!!
For wider's here...


ICC wrote:

i printed all master prints by laser printer for rs 2.0

ICC, you forgot,you told me that the 2 rs/page is for when TOTAL pages is <3,000 pages...when it's above 3,000(NOT reqr individual count ,but total i.e. INCLD. as many persons)...the rate of master lesser print drops to 1.5/ yourself ahd mentioned in your blog as well!

Considering this,the cost of 500 pages of Master Lesser Print-out (for at least 7 persons each = 3,500 pages) wud be 500*1.5 = 750/- each ONLY for 500 pages!!!

WHILE, even if 10 pple r interested in ONLY the XEROX of original lesser print ,it wud be 500* 0.8 =400/- each for 500 pages!

So,as one can see, for 500 Mandrake B/W pages ,fans have to shade ONLY "EXTRA" 350 bucks...which is very small considering the SUPERB "QUALITY" of 'Master Lesser Print-out' Compare to their realtively 'ordinary XEROX' counter part!!

dArA said...

In short:

[1]"ALL" Master Lesser Print-out of 500 Mandrake B/W pages = 750/- ONLY!!(for minimum 7 persons i.e. total 3,500 pages).

[2]"ALL" Xerox ONLY of Master Lesser -Print of 500 Mandrake B/W pages = 400/- !!(for minimum 10 persons ).

It wud be better to go for Lesser over xerox's mere 400 extra bucks...I guess,shading this amount(or bit more) is nothing for us,as most of the fans earn decent amount!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

dr saab

love to see u again, hope everything is fine at ur s end..
dont know about those sweet cigarates, only i can tell u that i used to chew/eat them and used to convince myself that i'm smoking!!!, after some time when i started smoking, i forgot those phantom cigis and stuck to only gold flakes)))))

Indrajal Comics Club said...


welcome and thanks.

yes i knew about it. please visit sameer's blog and read my comments

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks buddy, i also enjoyed them when i was little. i always used to see them as a substitute for real ones!!!!

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks.. why couldent i have commented first if i had known that earlier?
thats why i have commented first...

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks.. why couldent i have commented first if i had known that earlier?
thats why i have commented first...

Indrajal Comics Club said...

whats logic? can u explain? though he is a good investigator)))

Indrajal Comics Club said...


thanks ,, this is dc#22

√úbermann said...

oppsss.. i am always late in commenting... wish sometime i get top spot :)

thanks brethren

Deb said...

Thanks, ICC. The scan quality is excellent.

deratt1 said...

Giving us a choice of BW or color (or both)- no wonder we love this site!Thanks for another excellent scan.

Colonel Worobu said...

Anupam Agarwal appeared in the Chandralekha song? So this is what he has been doing the past few months instead of posting comics ;)

Anonymous said...


Do you have the un-edited BW version of "Journey to the emarald island" (IC V25, Nos. 1,2).
Could you please post it.