Thursday, 9 April, 2009

misuse of name

---- BY ICC

hi - i have been an avid follower of the comic blogs ever since it was initiated by TCP/IP under the login name of "Work".. Over the recent past i have been surprised to see that my name have has been linked to this PM/peeyoush and i resent that..

i have always been against providing free links against the owner wishes and you can check that my looking at my entry in the peeyoush blog under the work blog name and reproduced below...
April 2, 2009 11:36 PM
Work said... what you are doing is not right.. you should respect the opinion of the people who have put in all the hard work and take down your link immediately.. else you are indulging in plagiarism and worthy of no respect..
Work said... also so that you understand the indrajal comic blog owners have given me hundreds of hours of joy and you using their material inspite of their wishes ... Not a good thing to do ...-

Now i know that a lot of mischief goes onto the comic blogs by few people who feel they can write anything /do anything because they are hidden in the cyberworld.. pls keep in mind the common courtesy and the ethics of the physical world also applies to the cyberworld. Do only those things as if others were watching you .. can we somehow get this motto back on the comic blog.. i have made an attempt to talk to blog owners of indrajal comics club and mandrake the magician in an attempt to clear my name.. this blog post thanks to ICC permission is another attempt to reach out to the blog followers and an attempt to clear my name. henceforth my request to all is pls do not link my name t0 piyush or whosoever .. infact pls do not refer to my name at all...

thanks to all
and special thanks to the blog owners who provide all the wonderful links..


Grouchy's Comics said...

This is funny. I dont see how PM can be linked to you! Anyway I think your support of PM has lead to this. While its unfortunate your support of PM is, in my opinion quite illogical. You are entitled to yours of course.

Anyway as you say you are out of serous blogging and all the main bloggers are in agreement about PM. Thats whats important.

Grouchy's Comics said...

"pls keep in mind the common courtesy and the ethics of the physical world also applies to the cyberworld." This is precisely why people are angry at PM. Anyway for the record I never once taught of you being PM. Sounds silly. I thin you are once of the sanest bloggers I have met With some 'quirky opnions'! ;)

Work said...

Hi grouchy ..

Excuse me .. Support of PM .. where do you see me supporting PM.. the two comments under the blog name of work - reproduced in my blog posting are my opinion on the subject.. which line of mine do you see as supporting PM actions.. i don't know who pm is . I don't care who PM is and my opinion on his actions have been reproduced in the blog posting.

Work said...

Also grouchy -- your comments supposedly my comments "Anyway as you say you are out of serous blogging and all the main bloggers are in agreement about PM." i have never said this ..where did you read it.. these are not my statement but someone writing these statements using my name.. as i said my only opinion on the subject are in the 2 comments posts reproduced in the blog post. anything and everythign said under the name of manish are not the opinion of this manish but someone using his identity to spread mischief...


Lazy said...

I am too LAZY to WORK.

Grouchy's Comics said...

Oh my god! This is my current understanding. Work and ICC are two different people. Work and PM are two different people. My comments were unders the assumption the post was written by ICC.

Sincere apologies to Work and ICC. It was ICC who said he is out of serous blogging. I hope that clarifies everything. A case of mistaken identity of a mistaken identity!.
Sorry again Work. Glad you are not PM.

Indrajal Comics Club said...


grouchy, thank god... -))))

i was never a serious blogger, blogging is not a serious thing, its a fun-))
how are you btw?

Grouchy's Comics said...

Thanks ICC. Life goes on as usual. Thanks for asking. The Aprils fools days 2009 is a important day in the IJC blogging community!! Lets hope this PM controversy goes away. He seems to have relented a bit. Hope you are doing fine.

When you posted the Phantom strips photos I was hoping I will get me a copy someday. Thanks to Sameer I now have the Dailes. Hope the Sundays follow!
Best wishes,

INdo_MaNdrAkE said...

@WORK:Don't worry...we are not accusing you but ANOTHER person,and as Prabhat told you already,it's unlike finger-print,many persons share same name(full name I meant!),so uttering that name(for 1 particular person) doesn't meant it reffering to ALL persons who having that name!!!:)

So plz don't worry..WE HAVE ALREDY LEARNT WHO HE IS...and hope you also got the link,if you have read those comments appeared in PB/MTM!!


Indrajal Comics Treasures said...

Initially, I also misunderstood ICC...but he is right, we should not give any value to PM...i simply neglect him now...and he is the most dear friend who always guides me...(ICC, not pm) :))

nice to see the issue sorted between all good bloggers!

THe good : ICC, B&C, CW, TCP, MTM

the Bad : SKT

the Ugly : pc aka pm

Rafiq Raja said...

Rightly said Sameer... atlast someone goes by my thought too... let's ignore him and ignore even talking about him in our posts.... it will only give more publicity to him as new readers come and the read the posts.


Venkitachalam Subramanian said...

BTW, who or what is SKT?