Monday, 18 June, 2007

#376 Satan's Disciples Part II

Here is the 2nd and concluding part of this exciting comic.

Happy reading.

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Comic Guy said...

Nice one buddy..i am waiting for the stories of Lee falk-Sy Barry combo which are not published by Indrajal.

chandoba said...

for an example?

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Thanks for posting the comic. I claim the First position again!!!
Kinda getting tired claiming First so many times....

Mandrake said...

@ICC: Chandu ji, COMIC GUY will only ask 4 post/new things BUT will not give any xanple [as he has none!!](winks)
By the way, xcept D086 & DO91[these two were NOT published in Indrajal..... but, nice comics indeed!!] as Barry drawn up2 1994, so ALL THE PHANTOM STRIPS frm 1990- 1994 r not published in IJC.
As u said, u've all the STRIPS.... so we'll see all the strips here. Isn't it????

old is gold said...

Dear "Disturber" alias "Mandrake" alias "Dara" alias "John" you are again trying to spread filth here by unnecessarily bullying CW!!I wonder what you are up to???Why you always talk filth/dirty and tries to spread hatred/confusion among other comic lover???
Your such evil deeds questions your origin!!!
You seriously needs a life as col. worobu has mentioned earlier.

shobi said...

Great comic.
Thanks for posting.

DARA said...

@ICC:I'll not use ur blog 4 replying some fool, BUT allow me this time!! plse
@old is gold:All knows my new avtar's MANDRAKE - the mahan jadugar!!
But, ONE THING i know abt u,that others DONT KNOW's "old is gold" alias "comic guy" alias "comik" alias "comic-seller"....SHOCKED???
PROOF: ur mail
Isnt it????
SO, IT'LL BETTER if u concern ABOUT "UR OWN OrigiN!!"

chandoba said...

CW: many stories of Moore/Falk and Macoy/Falk have been not published by Indrajal. So i'm planning to post them also.. but not at the cost of Indrajals, as the blog name suggests.

ICr: dear, nobody here claims any postion, that was only at TCP, I said "was" because now it has lost its charm, waht a fun it was.. sigh

Mandrake: there are more strips of barry/falk such as

D85-The Mysterious Ambassador 10-15-62 to 6-1-63
D86-The Mystery of the Island of Dogs 6-3-63 to 12-14-63
D91-The Hanta Witch 4-19-65 to 7-31-65
D111-Yes 12-7-70 to 2-13-71
d128-Hzzz 9-15-75 to 11-29-75
D137-The Three Bandits 2-6-78 to 4-15-78
D140- The Hiers 12-18-78 to 5-19-79

S80-The Gold Prospectors 6-21-70 to 9-13-70
s81-Alexander's Diamond Cup 9-20-70 to 2-7-71
s125-Phantom Head Peak 1-12-86 to 4-27-86
s129-The Fighting Twins 7-5-87 to 9-27-87.
haven't been published by indrajals

chandoba said...

Old is gold: Thanx for coming to the blog.keep coming friend..
Shobi: Thanx bro
Mandrake: u missed it man.. i dont know about anything else..but one thing i'm sure that, "old is gold" is NOT CW...