Thursday, 21 June, 2007

#Vol21-No45 The Clawing Dragon

Wanted to post something else but had to post this. So that "something else" will appear soon.. keep coming !!
Here I present the very special issue of Indrajal.. Bruce Lee, The Clawing Dragon. Those who like Desi Bruce Lee aka Bahadur will also like the original..

Download Comic

The Hindi version of this comic has been posted by Anupam on his blog ( )


Comic Guy said...

Nice one to post..A welcome non Phantom/Mandrake one.Bruce Lee was also one of my favorite character.Keep it up buddy

DARA said...

hmmm, Bruce Lee!
It's the 'last' Lee-comic in IJC,there r ONLY 4 comics of this KARATE-LEGEND, think his comics were not that popular like his films!

chandoba said...

CW: thanks bro,
Dara: yes, there are only 4, one is single and others are in 2 parts

DARA said...

yup, & one thing! 'Bruce lee' is the only character, besides Mandrake & Phantom, IJC published 'In-Part'
Think ToI grp had lottsa xpectations frm Lee comics , but due to lesser sell they have stop that very year [1984]

Anupam said...

Dear Chandoba,
Its not that you are late, may be I was a bit early. But it turned out to be even better, as we have the comics in different languages. So its will be nice to have the comic in Hindi/English both.
What say shouldn't we put each other's link in this Bruce Lee post???

chandoba said...

@Anupam..Yes,we can put, infact I have already put your link..