Friday, 22 June, 2007

#420 The Fiendish Mission

When Phantom, Mandrake, Flash and Bahadur were going at great guns,Indrajal suddenly introduced more characters like, Lt.Drake, Mike Nomad, Buz Sawyer, Garth, Rip Kirby,and Phil Corrigan. Here I present a garth comic,The Fiendish Mission.

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Colonel Worobu said...

Am I number one?

Cool comic buddy! Keep 'em coming! If you ahve the english version of the Corrigan comic that Anu Agarwal (not the actress ;) ) posted, can you post them?

chandoba said...

yes u r.. this blog does not believe in comment moderation.. so the moment you comment, it appears on the blog..

DARA said...

As anupam said in his blog, there shud b atlst ONE comics of all Indrajal, it's nice 2 see Garth comic.

But, then plz dont tend 2 complete these 'other heroes' series........actuallly ,besides 'Dara' & slighty 'Rip/Drake' ,no hroes were match 2 the "AMAZING FOUR"

isnt it??????????

Indrajal Comic Reader said...

Thanks Chandoba for posting one of Garth.
Cool comic buddy! Keep 'em coming!

Work said...

chandoba - great site..
thank you..

i have a request and i think i had asked the same in tcp site

do you have the comic in which the secret of 8 is revealed

do you have any comics with flash gordon and the skorpi..

if you can post much appreciate

thanks again for yr wonderful site.

chandoba said...

Dara: u will find every comic here atleast one of every character
ICR: thanks buddy :)
work : identity of 8 is not revealed in indrajals, i suppose. but if u know, the daily or sunday strip,let me know,
or indrajal comic no