Tuesday, 9 October, 2007

I'll be back soon

Hi friends,

I'm back for a while, there are lots of things happening in my life, I'll sort them out soon.. I'm ok... please be with me as you have been in the past,, keep sending hate mails. I loved them ;

I don't want to stop the things I have started,,,

special thanks to Bala, CW, Sagnik, Col. and lots of readers,

Congrats TPH for starting a new blog.. keep it up mate


sAg_NiK said...

"keep sending hate mails. I loved them ;"

This quote indicates u r OK ,man! ;-))

Take care n back soon....

Indrajal Comics Club said...

well, i'm

i'm planning to post soon.. any request?

Atma said...


Welcome back.
There is one request only. Do not go away. We all missed you.

Keep posting. I can understand life and family are higher priorities but these hobbies keep us busy and are refreshing.

Keep posting dear.

Comic Guy said...

Welcome back friend....Now i can take sigh of relief to find you on job again as my workload would be cutting also.

M Pattabiraman said...

Wonderful to 'see' you back. Hope TCP does it too.

As for a request why not the last Bahdaur published ? The subject of your last post?


Chandan said...

Lot of requests,Sir.I take this oppurtunity also to thank CW as I remember when all had lost hope,it was him who said that you were just busy and would be back soon.

And You did.It was tremenendous of CW to keep things rolling in your and TCP's absence.Really, I love CW.

And I hate you.I don't mind you disappearing for some time but at least you should have commented somewhere that you won't be surfacing for sometime.Do you know how much we all missed you?
Iam sorry Iam a bit harsh.

As a punishment and for your "Disappearing Act"(as Mandrake does)I hereby sentence you to post a lot of comics to make up for lost time bet'n 7th August and 8th October.

Please,if you have,post Mandrake Indrajals as following:
1--Hypnotic Beast
2-The Giant Termites
3--The Nightmares

Phantom And Mandrake Fan said...

Dude Welcome Back!!!
Great to hear from you and know that you are doing fine and in good spirits.
Looking forward to your posts again of Indrajals and Phantom dailies and Sundays. Visit my blog for a new poll. Chandan, have all three with me and am planning to post them shortly.
Best Regards

kittu said...

hurrey......... excellent. it is a big relief to hear you again. pleeeeeeeease dont go again. i hope everything is well in your life.it will be great if you can post cover pagas of indrajal comics no. 1 to 20 ( & if possible of nos.1 to 50 ) . i am agerly waiting

The Phantom Head said...

Its GREAT to see you back. Thanks for encouraging words. Looking for many happy times here too. Hope everything in your life settles the way you like.

Colonel Worobu said...

Chandu ! Welcome back!

We missed you dearly.

Kind Regards,

Colonel Worobu said...

Now I am hoping for Kit Walker & TCP to come back too ...

Sameer Prabhune said...

Thanks, Yaar! I had given up the hopes here also, as no posting on The comic project since 3 months!!

Pl. let me know how i can download this one and the " headless ghost" ?

I am a regular visitor of your blog. Keep it up! thanks!!

Mohammad said...

hey man, this comics is not downloading. it is not even telling that link is invalid. something is wrong with the link....
please rectify it.