Wednesday, 10 October, 2007

Phantom Sunday #003 The Fire Godess

Hi all

I'm really sorry for the last 2 months.. I kept you waiting endlessly... but I promise you all that I won't do it again.

Now here is a rare sunday #003 in colour.. enjoy it and keep supprting ICC and all comic blogs..

So ICC is back with a bang!!!!!! don't you think so?

Download Strip


Chandan said...

By what name was this published by IC?Just curious.
Wonderful post.Glad to see you back.May I have the pleasure of requesting a few comics?

Indrajal Comics Club said...

thanks dear, i think this story wasn't published by indrajals... indrajals started publishing strips from D23 and S12 onwards..
sure u can request any comic,,,

Chandan said...

Then this strip really becomes a vintage one.Thanks.Looking forward to Download link.
By the way,I have mailed you twice--one was for persuading you to come back(somewhere in mid-September)and again a day back wishing you for your return.Are you too busy not even to reply????

Now that you have surfaced,please don't leave.We won't allow you to.
As far as comics are concerned,MTM was kind enough to display whichever Mandrake comics I had asked for(from you) on his blog.
I would very much like to view the following Phantom/Bahadur comics on your new born ICC blog:
3--The Night of the Theft--PHANTOM/no-130
4--the gang of imposters/Bahadur
Don't get upset by the 6 comics i have given.Its just that if you don't have some then you can post any which you have.

sAg_NiK said...

Nice early Phantom strips....

And welcome back!



Indrajal Comics Club said...

chandan: I didnt see anybodys mail during last 2 months so let alone a reply of it.. when i saw yours and others, i dicided to come back early,, so here is yr reply as a token of my comeback...i have every comic u mentioned.. some are already scanned some are to be.. so i will check and let u know.. but i can post 87 84 130

Sagnik: thanks friend

Mozz said...

Welcome back...
we all were waiting for you.
Hope all well...


Chandan said...

Thanks ICC.Hope to spend many a good time on this blog.In fact you know what,I scanned your blog for your mail and finally I got it in one of your comments sometime back and decided to shoot it straight away.
It looks foolish and someone might laugh at this but I admit Iam emotionally very much attached to you,CW,MTM,TPH and even TCP.Its because you people are working tirelessly and wholeheartedly for bringing joy to others.
These scans/comics are priceless,and to make them available thru posts requires great attitude.
So I take this oppurtunity to salute all of you and hope we remain in touch forever.
Thanks a ton.

Ciro said...

Welcome back!
Always Phantom!
Ciro Balzano

Colonel Worobu said...

I hope everything is alright. You had us all worried there buddy!

Best Regards,

Anonymous said...

Thankyou very much. At last you are back. I just want to tell you that its OK if you post 1 or 2 comic or comic strips each month but do not go again. Do you know why TCP stopped? He started all this and now he left. I hope he will also come back soon.

Do you have all the phantom daily strips and sunday strips published till date. If yes then you have all the stories by falk. please post these one by one with IJcomics in whatever manner or way you like.

Thanks again for coming back and for keeping this treasure alive.


The Phantom Head said...

What a magnificent come back! A rare phantom strip to begin this innings. More than welcome.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

Mozz: thanks dear

chandan: ok ok i'm not going anywhere ;-

Ciro: thanks, where is your art sketch?

Col: thanks for the concern

Shobi: i have each and every phantom strip ever published,, i will try to post them inbetween indrajals

TPH : thanks dear, i'm also looking forward to see more n more comics on urs blog