Sunday, 14 October, 2007

#Vol20-06 The Green-Eyed Monster Part I

A biggie for a weekend... First Mandrake comic in 3 parts
India 140/1 in 25 overs..match is in intersting stage.. keep ur fingers crossed!!!

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The Phantom Head said...

Thanks for this fine story. More front covers please!

Colonel Worobu said...

Thank you chandu. The prior posting of "money mad maniac" is not downloading. Mediafire times out every time I try to download the file.

Anonymous said...

Anyone have comics from the comics project from #160 onwards ? All the files at seem to be unavailable :(

Chandan said...

Very nice to see a part-comic Issue
posted.Great effort.
But was hoping for something full/complete this weekend.
Will I be lucky to view my choices in the near future?That of Bahadur--GANG OF IMPOSTERS/CHILD LIFTERS and Phantom---THE NIGHT OF THE THEFT and LEGEND OF DURUGU?Its just a humble request.
Anyway,I admire your frequency.You are back to your original best.
Thanks a lot and looking forward to some nice fireworks on your blog ie truckloads of comics.
And please don't mention the Indian team on your nice blog.IT will simply decolourise your blog.The Indian team is at its vintage best for,for........



for..all the wrong reasons.Its a sin to expect something from them.
That's the difference--you're back to your vintage best and they at their poorest form.

Mozz said...

Excellent comics...
keep posting more Mandrake and Phantom with Narda and Diana.



Indrajal Comics Club said...

tph: thanks dear,sure i will post all what i have

Col: thanks, please check again,, all links are working..

Chandan: i will try to post ur requests in few days.. and ofcourse, thanks for the compliments.. u r flattering me!!

mozz: as u wish sir

Chandan said...

You deserve it.Thanks for request being granted.Hoping to see them soon.
Iam lucky,I mmust say,to have met good people like you and CW.Got tremendous respect for both.
Comics which are surfacing,were long lost for me,even when I was in my teens and would have remained a distant memory,but thanks to some good people on earth viz.CW,ICC,MTM,ANUPAM BLOG,TPH,I feel iam in my teens once again.All thanks to you guys.
Great going.

Colonel Worobu said...

Yep, the link works now :o) Thanks!

Indrajal Comics Club said...

chandan: ur welcome, will try to post ur request asap

col: welcome sir