Tuesday, 16 October, 2007

#Vol20-07 The Green-Eyed Monster II

Thanks to Ajay Misra for sending this link.

Phantom of the Comics: Vineeth Abraham

read article at http://www.ashok.loyolites.com/2007/07/30/vineeth-abraham

Amazing article!!!! isn't it?

now its a time for the 2nd part....enjoy it

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Indrajal Fanclub said...

Thanks for the part 2! was waiting for it since early morning.

Pl, where is the download link, man?
can you provide it today and the part three too?

Indrajal Fanclub said...

Thanks for the part 2! was waiting for it since early morning.

Pl, where is the download link, man?
can you provide it today and the part three too?

Indrajal Comics Club said...

welcome sameer, download link udya provide karin, and partIII 2 divsani

Chandan said...

Thanks ICC,I don't mind waiting although Iam a little impatient.Continue your frequency as it is ,its mind-blowing.
And nice scans,by the way.
Another thing,you mentioned that you have all the strips ever published.Do you have same thing to say about IC's?Just curious.
I personally love IC's more than any other Phantom comics.I love Bahadur,Phantom and Mandrake .Reason--fantastic presentation.
I hate myself for not having collected enough when I could.I was simply infatuated to other comics like Tinkle then which is still going great for some people.But i could never discover the same love as for IC'S.

Colonel Worobu said...

Absolutely enthralled with the article on Vineeth! Wow!

Also, Chandu, you are a very good writer. Really nice article.

Indrajal Comics Club said...

col: vinit is the only source for these early comics... especially before 300s.. ajay has borrowed from him and scanned,, so he had to get that credit.. which he shud have got long before,, and second thing, as i mentioned, i havent written this article.. just click on the title and u will get the original link

chandan: sabr ka fal hamesha meetha hota hai..
yes i have each and every strip of phantom including all dailies and sundays, from 1935 till today,, in the form of scans,,,,
and out of 803 indrajals, i have 525 actual copies, + 525 scans+ 240 to be scanned ie in all respect i have @ 765 scans... so 38 still missing

Indrajal Fanclub said...

Dhanyawad, Mitra!

Marathi is always best!

What is the problem with TCP?
he has vanished out of thin air!

And what is your email?

I would like to interact with you, since "Indrajal readers flock together"



Grouchy Smurf said...


I have pubslished a list if IJC phantom available on the net from a list taken from ICC. please let me know if there are any corrections

grouchy smurf

Comic Guy said...

A thing which was to be done quite earlier is now done.Strangely i was also planning to surface the same article but you proved quicker.Anyway the deserving person should get the credit irrespective of the medium.
Yeah all Indrajal comic lovers its Vineeth Abraham who is the real hero as he was the sole provider of the very early issues of Indrajals to Ajay Mishra who is also the other hero as he took all pain to scan these comics and disburse them for us.
Personally Vineeth is very humble person and always ready to help fellow comic lover as far as he can,i might be meeting him in next few days if time permits.
Now since ICC is back and in full form,MTM is also delivering nice and thick and our new comer TPH is also in the show hence i wonder can i think of concentrating more on my other love i.e Hindi Movies (Movie World,www.film-world.blogspot.com) thus putting a pause on Comic World for the time being.

Chandan said...

Nice to know that.You really are a wealthy guy.Keep them coming and they will be heartily welcomed.
Will you?

Indrajal Comics Club said...

sameer: icc madhye tujhe swagat aso

gs: i will go through ur list

CW : its not a bad idea to take a break for a while.. from my experience, i can tell you that it keeps ur mind fresh..

chandan: thanks.. watch out for next few days/weeks/months/years

Satish said...

Many thanks,ICC .
Was very glad you returned but at the same time very angry when you left unexpectedly.There were scores of people flocking to your blog,not for comics,but for your return in the end.don't repeat it.
Was determined not to comment but I guess we ought to be friends at one time.
People like you and CW have become idols,legends in short time and people can't afford to miss you .
Continue the good work.

Ashok said...

Dear owner of this blog,

I am the author of the article on Vineeth Abraham. While I am happy to see that a few readers liked the article, I am more shocked than happy because you have posted the entire article here. Not a sentence, not a para, but the entire article. This, despite a clear copyright policy mentioned on my blog. I can understand your desire to draw your readers' attention to the wonderful work done by Vineeth. It would have been appropriate and sufficient to write a sentence on Vineeth, and give a link to my blog, as is the custom in the blog world.

Now that I have brought to your attention, my unhappiness and objection to the article being posted here, may I request you to take the article off your blog. It would not only enhance your credibility and standing, it would also protect my copyright.

Best wishes for your blog.


Indrajal Comics Club said...

dear ashok

welcome to the blog.. if u read properly, u will notice that i never said that i have written this article, infact read the opening sentence again, it says..

"This was due for a long time from my side,,,, please note that I haven't written this ... Thanks to Ajay Misra for sending this link.

Phantom of the Comics: Vineeth Abraham

and if u click on the title, it goes to original title,,
yes, i admit that i didn't ask you..which i shud have,,,

still u r not happy with my explanation, i will add your link, which can be visible to all and
if u want, i will remove it...



Ashok said...

I would be grateful if you would remove it from your blog.

Thank you for the prompt reply.